Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Review

This year I’m trying out many mascaras and my fiancé got me this one to review for you guys: The Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara


This is priced at: US$ 27.50 (0.27 oz)

I haven’t tried many products from Estée Lauder and I was very excited when he gifted me this, which came in the blockbuster holiday set from last year (the set is on sale right now)

The packaging is: Gorgeous as always with Estée Lauder products, but I dislike the wand because it’s extremely big and old-fashioned.


This product claims to: Magnify, multiply and grow your lashes to the extreme. But it requires multiple coats to reach all 3 results above. For a high-end brand, I expected it to happen in just one coat, like with the Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara that I’m obsessed with right now.

On the first coat, my lashes looked extremely long, but thin at the same time. With the second coat, however, my lashes got a bit more volume, but the wand is extremely large and it was difficult to reach the inner corners of my eyes (which caused poking in the eye and I teared and smeared mascara all over- it’s not waterproof!) The large bristles also clamped my lashes and it was difficult separate them later.


All in all, I do not recommend this mascara for the price you pay. I would still use it on days that I have more time to spare on my lashes but if you’re on the go, this is not a good product because it requires multiple coats and gets messy because of the thick bristles and large wand.

Some other mascaras you may consider:

I hope this review helps you…

See you soon,


Neth Mi


2 responses to “Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Review”

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  2. I’ve just reviewed an Estee Lauder Mascara like this which i thought was soo bad 😦 i had such high expectations and its a shame it didn’t deliver for me, but it still looks cute on my makeup desk lol!! I thought your post was sooo good, i love reading other peoples views on it, cant wait to read more of them xx


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