Old or Gold? Estée Lauder Beauty Powder Review

Today I’m featuring my second Old or Gold? post here. If you’re new to my blog, Old or Gold? is where I write about makeup/beauty products that are kind of old (as in they were limited edition and released at least two seasons ago) but I managed to get my hands on them late and sharing with you whether you should buy them (gold) or just pass (old).

You can read my first Old or Gold? post on NARS Virtual Domination Palette here.

Anyway, back to present… My fiancé got me this Estée Lauder Holiday Blockbuster Set from 2015 recently because it was on major sale, and I thought of writing about my favourite product out of that entire set: The Beauty Powder


I really don’t know what “beauty powder” actually means… Do you know? I think they can be either applied focused on an area like blush toppers, highlighters or even something like Guerlain’s Meteorites that you can basically dust all over your face for an overall enhanced look.


The shade of this beauty powder is a dark rose gold with warm under tones. It can be built up easily and I like that it’s not overly pigmented. It is quite similar to Lancôme Shimmer Mocha Havana Blush and slightly similar in tone Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Lucy, even though Lucy is a lot shimmery and is named as a highlighter. It’s too dark for my medium/tan skin to use as a highlighter, but if I dust it lightly, it can add a little more shimmer to my bronzer (not using solely as a bronzer) I also love using this on my cheeks instead of a blush, but with very light hand using my Real Techniques Blush Brush.


This product is definitely gold for me, even though unfortunately it’s not available for individual sale. If you ever come across the 2015 blockbuster set, I’d say check it out because you also get a sexy, red makeup bag (that can literally hold all my makeup I’d take when I travel) a full size makeup remover (pretty similar to Lancôme Bi-Facil Makeup Remover) a full size Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, full size eyeliner, 2 anti-ageing products, an eyeshadow palette and 3 full size lipsticks.

I’ll see you soon with The Body Shop Skin Defence review!


Neth Mi

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  2. love literally allll of your posts haha no joke xx


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