Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara Review

Hi beauties…

Today I’m reviewing this gorgeous mascara from Sephora… I bought this from my last trip to Paris from that beautiful Sephora boutique in Champs Elysées I mentioned in my Europe Diaries: A day in Paris, but I didn’t get a chance to use it till today, because I was using many mascaras all this time and now it’s time to discard them (because you should not use a mascara for more than 3 months)

This was firstly recommended by my beauty BFF Nisha. The first day we met at the Colombo Fashion Week, everybody complimented on her lashes, and she told us she used the Sephora mascara. I put a mental note to buy it the moment I step into a Sephora next time because her lashes looked so thick, long and curly.

So this is it:


That’s the basic packaging. I actually bought the travel size from near the cash counters, because I was literally running out of money by the time I reached there!

The wand looks like this:


The formula is: Very thick. I was a little skeptical when I first pulled the wand out. And it’s really, really black.

Application: Should be done carefully. For best results, curl your lashes in advance. When you apply, you need to wiggle the wand a lot and push it in every direction, otherwise the thick formula will clump your lashes and they’ll end up looking spidery. Take your time and apply slowly rolling and wiggling the wand. You can also use a lash primer in advance for easier application.

Price: Travel size is US$ 5.00 & Standard size is US$ 12.00 (Amazing deal for both prices considering the effect you get!)

This mascara shown here is not waterproof. The waterproof mascara price is the same, but I haven’t seen a Travel Size for that.

This is how it looks without curing the lashes or priming in advance:


Final thoughts: I would definitely recommend this mascara because it’s so amazing. Get the waterproof one if you prefer, but my friend said it’s really difficult to remove, even with waterproof makeup remover (so that good news when you go swimming, isn’t it!) I anyway love Sephora as a brand, because they have some really good quality makeup. I already own two eyeshadows, a gorgeous waterproof liner, a beautiful bronzer and compact powder from them, and I absolutely love them.

Hope this review helped you, and thank you for reading!

See you soon!


Neth Mi


9 responses to “Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara Review”

  1. Wish there was a sephora near me , loved your post though ill keep an eye out for this if there sephora ever comes to ireland haha , loved your post would love it if you checked out my latest xxx

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    1. There’s no Sephora where I live too.. I hope it comes here as well 😉


      1. so poop! did you order online? the delivery charge for me is insane!! xx


      2. No actually I bought this one when I went abroad… Otherwise I buy online 😭


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