MAC False Lash Maximiser & In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Black Mascara

Last month I walked into the MAC store near my boy’s place to try out their summer collection, “Vibe Tribe” but it was still not available then (this was around mid-May) so as I was walking around the store trying to inspire myself to buy just something, this really sweet sales guy offered me to try their new mascara “In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Black”. I had some time to kill till my boy would come to pick me, so I was like why not.

I’ve never tried a MAC mascara before so I was really curious. He first applied False Lash Maximiser, which is like a primer for your lashes that’s supposed to nourish and amp up whatever mascara you apply later.

MAC False Lash Maximiser

Price: US$ 17.00

It has a slightly thick white consistency, and it instantly lengthened and thickened my lashes. This is really an extra step in my opinion, but I love to apply this when I don’t wear any eyeshadow and I want my lashes to be super oomph without having to apply falsies.

MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash Black Mascara

Price: US$ 22.00

This is quite thick and the bristles on the wand are so tiny that they kind of clump your lashes instantly. If you like a spidery effect, this is a great mascara for that, but otherwise you have to really wiggle fast to separate your lashes. On top of the False Lash Maximiser, this mascara really did lengthen and curled my lashes.

I’m very happy with the results of this combination, but the only drawback is the mascara can get very messy even if your eyes teared for heat (cannot imagine how it’ll be if you cry!) so it’s not great for summer time. It’s very, very black so thats great and in the below picture you can see how defined and curled my lashes are. I didn’t use any curlers here.


I just wish it was less messy or waterproof. But I love this combo and I’ll definitely repurchase.

Hope this review helps you!


Neth Mi


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