Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow Kit review

So I finally decided to buy one of the Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills, because my strobe addiction is pretty strong these days… I already have about 7-8 solo highlighters, but everybody’s hyped up about the Glow Kits, and I love ABH products and I know they never fail to impress!

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few months, you know there’re two types of Glow Kits by Anastasia:

  • Gleam Glow
  • That Glow

Gleam Glow is supposedly the kit for fair to medium skin, and has more pink hued highlighters in it. That Glow has yellow & champagne toned highlighters meant for medium/tan to dark skin tones. I personally love pink hued highlighters, but since I already have about 3 of those, I thought I’d try That Glow kit.

Price: US$ 40.00 each

These Glow Kits come with HUGE, I mean, literally huuuuuge pans of super finely milled highlighters in 4 different shades. Compared to Anastasia’s Contour Kits, these are humongous! (ok, the contour kits have 6 shades, and this has only 4, but the pan size is shockingly and of course satisfyingly large)


That Glow comes in a pretty rose toned hardboard packaging, but it still feels luxurious somehow. Inside you get the following colours:

  • Sunburst- luminous light gold
  • Golden Bronze- warm bronze with gold flecks
  • Bubbly- rose champagne shade
  • Dripping in Gold- medium gold shade


I wasn’t sure about the shade Sunburst, but honestly, that’s my favourite shade out of this palette right now. It’s so metallic and gives a highlight that can be seen from the outer limits, haha! I want to bathe in this shade, and it still looks so natural.

Golden Bronze is: Perfect to top my favourite bronzer, Trip to Haiti by Sephora. Sometimes I would just dust some Golden Bronze with a large fan brush all over my face for extra glow,  and it doesn’t look weird as this doesn’t have any orange in it.

Bubbly is: Pretty similar to Girlactik Beauty Face Glow in Natural, but this consistency is so much smoother and applies like a dream.

I still couldn’t use Dripping in Gold, but I know I’m gonna love that too.

Anastasia has nailed it once again! These highlighters give you the most noticeable, yet lit-from-within kind of look that is so in vogue right now. Honestly, this is the best purchase for this year so far, and if you’re in two minds just like how I was before, all I have to say is you need at least one of the two kits in your life. And these pans are huge, so they’ll take a long time to run out!

Totally worth for US$ 40.00 and  I heard there’ll be a 3rd Glow Kit coming out this year. I will definitely buy Gleam Glow and this 3rd one too.

In simple words, I’m obsessed!

See you soon!


Neth Mi



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