Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in Riviera

I can’t believe I never wrote a review on one of my all-time favourite highlighters that I’ve been using for more than a year now! I had nicely saved just the title for this post in December, 2015 (TBH I don’t even remember there was a 2015!) the I completely forgot about it!

Okay… Let’s cut it short. I LOVE this Illuminator and my shade is Riviera. I know everybody’s raving about So Hollywood, which was unfortunately out of stock at Dubai Mall Sephora, and my friend Karen from That’s So Charming says it’s a dupe for Heat Wave and MAC Whisper of Guilt! I don’t have either but at least for my readers, if you have any of these three legends, I think you’re sorted!

Back to Riviera… This shade is made for medium/tan skin tones. It’s a beautiful rose gold and is slightly more metallic than the Glow Kit formula. In the picture below you can see side by side swatches from the same colour family of highlighters that I own.


It’s the most metallic one out of the three. But as I apply it with my favourite Morphe M501 brush, it doesn’t look as metallic and works just as well as the Glow Kit highlighters.

Price: US$ 28.00 (

Even if you have gazillion highlighters in your stash, I think one (or all three) of these Illuminators are so worth your money. You get 9g of product in each pan (they are big!) and even after using for more than a year I haven’t been able to hit pan on this (of course I use That Glow kit most of the time, but still) and you need very little amount of product for each application.


Here are some other highlighters worth paying your attention:

What’s your favourite highlighter?

Let me know your thoughts…


Neth Mi

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