MAC Prep+Prime Essential Oil review

I’ve been dying to try this Prep+Prime Essential Oil ever since they announced the launch. Being a dry skin girl, I’ve been updating my skin care routine every now and then to keep it as hydrated as possible, but if I stay indoors with the aircon on (which is the case all the time in Sri Lanka) or if I travel outside the tropics to less humid areas, nothing seemed to stop my skin from peeling and my makeup from looking super dried up.

I use moisturizers everyday and not necessarily primers but this oil did change my life! I’ve got the Essential Oil in Sweet Orange & Lavender, and it feels so soothing when I apply this first thing in the morning after shower. I take about 2-3 drops (mind you, this is expensive in Sri Lanka!) and massage them onto my face for about a minute till I see my skin absorbing it.

Then I follow it up with MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion, my ultimate go-to face moisturizer that DOES blur and minimize my pores and help the foundation stay better over it.

A little bit about the Prep + Prime Essential Oils…

These oils are infused with natural properties taken from plants to make your skin energized and moisturized for a healthy glow. They come in 3 varieties:

  • Sweet Orange and Lavender
  • Yuzu
  • Grapefruit and Camomile

Price: US$ 27.00 (14ml)

(Since I live in Sri Lanka at the moment, I got my MAC stuff ordered from MAC Sri Lanka Facebook page.) 

It works well on dry skin: I think you shouldn’t put more than 2-3 drops for your whole face because it’s a very rich oil and even with my super dry skin, I could feel my skin getting slightly oily towards the middle of the day, but not in an ugly, greasy way. Unless you can borrow from a friend for a trial, I don’t think this is good for oily skin, but everyone has different experiences with skin care products, so it may or may not work well on oily skin too…

The scent of Sweet Orange and Lavender is so nice and it lasted almost 6 hours since application. (You get very light whiffs here and there throughout that time)

This product can be also used as a mixing media (from pigments to foundations, creams, etc…)

I can totally recommend the Prep Prime Essential Oils for dry skin people out there… For oily skin though, I’m not very sure… 

Apart from the Essential Oils, MAC also came up with the same concept in a stick. My plan is to buy that too, and review for you guys. Let me know if you already own one & how it works on you!

Hope this review helps…


Neth Mi

P.S. This is a snap from my Instagram stories… it’s the front cam, but if you’ve been following me you’ll notice how my skin looks smoother here!




4 responses to “MAC Prep+Prime Essential Oil review”

  1. Hi, awesome review! Is there’s any age type to use this?? And is this a makeup base or everyday moisturizer?


    1. Hi thanks for dropping by! I think you can use this on any age and I use this everyday before I apply my moisturizer. It hydrates my skin. Try with and without moisturizer to see how it works on you ☺️


  2. Sure😊 thank u Hun!


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