MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion Review

Today I’m doing a mini review on MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion…

I wasn’t really planning to buy this product, but the salesgirl at MAC did a good job convincing me to buy it, promising me that my face would have an amazing look once I top it off with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. She also said it could be worn alone without any makeup too, as a skincare product. So I decided to give it a try, and I don’t regret it…


MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion is not exactly a primer, but according to MAC it’s more of a hybrid of a high-tech moisturiser (I added the word high-tech after reading the description at MAC website 😉 ) and primer. Since I don’t apply primers (I just haven’t felt the need to) and I only prep my face with my trusted Bulgari face cream that is almost finished, this was a good investment for US$44.00

I’ve been using this for: A month and a half now. (Bought this during my Paris trip around mid-June)

I see a noticeable difference on my face: After using it everyday in the morning (including Sundays when I don’t put any makeup on top) My skin looks and feels smoother, and when I apply makeup on top, they sit nicely and blur my pores and lines; especially the lines around my eyes. On the rare occasions I didn’t use it, I did see a difference in my makeup. It didn’t look as smooth as it was with the product on. With the product on, my makeup lasted all-day. (Of course I wear the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, and that is guaranteed to last a long time)


The consistency: Is slightly runny and pearly white that disappears once you apply on your face. It doesn’t make your face shiny or matte. It doesn’t have SPF, so you won’t look shiny on photographs too. You only need about 2 pumps for your entire face. 

I recommend this product if: You’re looking for a new moisturiser/primer. If you’re like me, meaning you don’t want layers and layers of primers & lotions, etc… this is a good product to try because it’s 2-in-1. Even though skin care product results vary hugely from person to person, I believe this product actually works in the long term too. Not only my makeup is smoother with this, my skin feels young and hydrated.

For a quick, casual makeup fix: I pair this with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (my shade is C5.5) and some concealer.

Hope this mini review helped you… Comment below if you have any questions 🙂

See ya!


Neth Mi

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