MAC Must-haves Vol 1- All about that base!

Hey mamacitas,

I’ve decided to go on a no-buy November because I was de-sizing my makeup kit and I realized I have quite a lot of makeup that would last me for generations to come! (Ok, I’m exaggerating about the generations part, but at least I don’t have to buy for a few more years! 😅)

I also realized the brand I have bought most products from is MAC, and I know Sri Lankans (and everyone!) LUUURVE MAC, but they have such a variety of products that I kid you not, every time I walk into a store I find at least one product I had never known before! (And I’m talking about their permanent stuff!)

Okay so let me do a series of MAC Must-haves starting from their underrated skincare & base products (I haven’t tried them all, but will be trying them gradually in the future)

MAC Mineralize Timecheck Lotion

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.23.15.png

I’ve written a full blog post on this about 2 years ago, and honestly I can’t rave enough about this! I’m on my 7th bottle since my first purchase in 2015. It really does blur the pores on my face and creates a beautiful base for my foundation. Even if you don’t wear any makeup, I suggest you use this ah-mazing lotion all over your face for an instant blurred finish. This retails for US$ 45.00 and because I love using a lot of moisturizer, I finish this bottle now in 3 months 😅

MAC Complete Comfort Cream

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.24.56.png

This plant & marine based formula is non-acnegenic and provides really good hydration to the skin prior to makeup application. Slightly thicker & creamier than Timecheck Lotion, this retails for US$33.00 I’ve been using this alternatively with Timecheck Lotion and I can recommend this to even sensitive skin types.

MAC Strobe Cream

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.25.46.png

This cult favorite is a must-have for all makeup artists and dewy-skin lovers! Mix a bit of this with your favorite foundation get that lit-from-within glow in an instant! Can be used under, over or mixed with foundation. Retails for US$33.00 and comes with 5 different shades.

MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.26.45.png

This primer is amazing for all skin types as it adds luminosity, hydrates and controls oil at the same time! Available in 2 shades, (yellow for tan/deep and pink for fair) this has to be used to after moisturizer and right before foundation for a beautiful glow. Retails at US$42.00

MAC Prep+Prime Essential Oil


This is such an underrated product from MAC, perhaps because it was launched quite recently. A great way to start your makeup application, specially for normal to dry skin. I mix a bit of this with MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for a more dewy finish. It smells heavenly and retails for US$27.00

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.29.07.png

I literally cannot live without this product. More than a base, I use it to finish my makeup application to make everything look better and well blended. This is every dry skin gal’s best friend. In case you put too much powder, you can spray this mist to get rid of that powdery look. Price: US$25.00

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at ප.ව. 3.29.56.png

A MAC makeup artist recommended this tiny tube for my super dark and dry under eyes. It is very important to hydrate your under eyes in order to keep your Concealer game strong and long-lasting. This instantly hydrates the under eye and diminishes the fine lines. I’m on my 2nd tube already since this is one of my favorite eye creams. Price: US$32.00

So those are the products I’ve been using and repurchasing in the past few years. As I mentioned before, there are so many more products in their primers and skin care range that I will be trying in the future.

In my next post I will talk about their foundations I love.

Thank you for dropping by!

Happy Sunday!


Neth Mi

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