MAC Look in a box: Be sweet & dreamy

Last week I received this little gift pack from my hubby that I had always been eyeing at MAC counters at airports. (Haven’t really seen these in regular counters so I’m assuming it’s a Travel Exclusive, and it’s also available at Nordstrom)



There are few different varieties of these “Look in the box”es and what can I say? My husband knows me so well! He got me the exact same one I would’ve picked: Be sweet & Dreamy.

Be Sweet & Dreamy is that “girl-next-door”, “barely there” or “no-makeup-makeup” look box! It’s packed with everyday shades that would suit a variety of skin tones. Let’s take a look inside:


Inside you get 6 individual products:

  • Matte lipstick- Kinda Sexy
  • Eye Kohl- Costa Riche
  • In Extreme Dimension Mascara- Extreme Black
  • Creme Colour Base- Treat Me Sweet
  • Matte Powder blush- Prism
  • Eyeshadow duo- Sweetums & Head Over Heels

Kinda Sexy

This is one of my favourite lipsticks up to date. It’s an extremely wearable everyday neutral rosy nude that is perfect for fare to medium skin tone. It is a matte formula that isn’t too dry on the lips like the usual Retro Matte lipsticks from MAC. I did a full review of Kinda Sexy over here.


Costa Riche Eye Kohl

This is a rich, warm coffee bean brown that is gorgeous for an everyday feline flick, if you like it a little toned down 🙂 I love smudging this along both upper & lower lash line to give a sultry look too. It wears beautifully throughout the day.


In Extreme Dimension Mascara

One of my favourite mascaras to wear, this gives your lashes an amazing volume and length. Read my full review over here.

Treat Me Sweet Creme Colour Base

I’ve always wanted to buy a Creme Colour Base from MAC since they’re so beautiful and come in a variety of colours to select from too. These are great highlighters for dry skin. I love this shade Treat Me Sweet because it’s a beautiful soft gold that adds instant health & youth to your skin. This blends easily too.


Prism Powder Blush

MAC blushes are also one of my favourite products to buy, and Prism is no exception! This is a muted pinkish brown that is perfect for this coming autumn. It’s slightly similar to MAC Harmony blush too.


Eyeshadow duo- Sweetums & Head Over Heels

You know I’m an eyeshadow junkie! This is my new favourite duo to keep in my handbag for short travels! The shade “Head Over Heels” is perfect for transition or crease and Sweetums can be used on the inner corners or as a wash of shimmer all over the lid.


Price: This box retails at US$ 62.50 (It has US$ 113.00 valued products) All products are available separately for individual purchase. But buying this set saves a lot of money for you!

I’m so happy with this Be Sweet & Dreamy set. I think it’s a great gift box for anyone! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro or a collector, this is a really good set of makeup for you! Totally recommend it!

See you soon with more reviews!


Neth Mi

10 responses to “MAC Look in a box: Be sweet & dreamy”

  1. colourthoselips Avatar

    What a great MAC box!! All the products look fabulous!!

    Would love for you to check out my latest blog post 🙂

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    1. Thank you dear! Yes of course I will check! 💕

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      1. colourthoselips Avatar

        Thank you xx


  2. This is such a cute little box! I never knew MAC had these! I definitely have to keep a lookout.
    Looking forward to your future posts.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | 🌻✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stoping by! I’m glad this review helped you 🙂 will surely check your blog too 💕


  3. This is such a great buy! I love the idea of having a little Mac box with products that can complement each other or be used as a stand alone! It’s also pretty affordable (All things considered, lol). Great review!!

    Pearl ||

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    1. Yes it’s such a good buy! Thank you so much for stopping by 💕💕

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  4. Such a great idea from MAC! This was a really great post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is! They have a few more different boxes! 💕💕

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  5. How sweet your husband bought this for you!
    Prism is one of my favourite MAC blushes – it’s so versatile.
    This is such great value! 🙂 I’ve been eyeing these.

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