NYX Contour & Highlight Pro Palette Review

Hi Beauties!!

Since everybody’s hyped up about contour & highlight these days, I’m doing a review on NYX’s much anticipated Contour & Highlight Pro Palette today.

This palette was launched way back in the beginning of this year and here it is:


The palette comes in: A plastic case with a transparent lid, and all the shades are encased in plastic pans that you can take off and customise easily. (More on the later)

It has 4 highlight shades & 4 contour shades.


The four highlight shades are: Pretty powdery. They’re chalky and too light for medium to tan or deep skin tones. This pre-made palette does not come in different shades like BH & Anastasia do. However, if you live in the US, you can order single pans for US$ 5.00 each and customise this palette according to your skin tone. But for us living outside US, this is not option, so the highlight shade selection is kind of a con to me. They’re quite pigmented on the other hand, but go rather chalky when applied on the face, so be careful when you set your concealers with the shades Soft Light or Cream. (I would avoid Soft Light for medium/tan/deep skin tones and use a very light amount of Cream)

The two shimmery shades on either side of the 1st row are too bright too. Ice Queen can be used only as a brow bone highlight or to brighten inner corner of the eyes. If you’re like porcelain light, then you may be able to try it on your cheeks. Nectar is slightly better as a cheek highlighter, but having a NC35 (MAC) skin colour, I would avoid Nectar too.

The four contour shades are: Less powdery and chalky than highlight shades. They’re very, very pigmented so be careful again when you apply them. I have nothing negative to talk about these. They are soft and blend nicely. The selection of shades are better in comparison to the highlight shades. I like the option of Hollow as a very deep contour shade that can be used for darker skin colours. Sculpt is a good contour shade for people with cool undertones. Toffee is my favourite out of all 4 as it is great as a matte bronzer 🙂


The price is: US$ 25.00 which is kinda pricey for a drugstore band. (BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow palette is US$15.00 and sometimes goes as low as US$8.00 during sale)

Overall: This palette is an okay one for me. To be honest, I would reach out for this only for the contour shades.

What is your favourite contour palette?

Have a fab Friday!


Neth Mi

p.s. I love how easily you can remove the pans from the palette. You don’t need de-potting spatulas or anything. They come off in a blink of an eye and restoring is similarly easy. Here’re all the singles removed from the palette:


I just wish their website delivers worldwide. Let’s keep the fingers crossed 🙂

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