Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Concealers review

Hi Beauties,

Today’s topic is the Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Concealers that I’ve been trying out for the past 2 months. These were launched last year, but I wasn’t too keen to buy them back then because I didn’t know Fenty Beauty shipped directly to Sri Lanka! So when I finally found out about that in February, I immediately placed an order for the two shades: Peach and Deep Butter.

I have very deep dark circles, and if I had to wear just one item of makeup everyday for the rest of my life, that would be concealer. In the pictures below, you will see how my dark circles disappear and how the under eye area look much brighter and healthier with just these two products:

(Left: no concealer, middle: just the shade Peach, right: Deep Butter over Peach)

In the picture above, I’m wearing only my sunscreen (La Roche Posey) and the two Bright Fix concealers from Fenty Beauty.

The formula is nice and medium in thickness; not too runny nor thick. it has medium coverage, so I had to apply the Peach shade twice to fully colour correct the dark circles. I didn’t mind that, because it didn’t get cake-y with layering. I think that adding the shade Deep Butter really brightened the area after colour correcting with Peach.

I usually set this with a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder (shade: Medium), and it stays without creasing or fading for about 14-16 hours.

I didn’t expect to like these, but I’m very pleasantly surprised by this product. I’ve already repurchased the shade Peach to keep as a backup. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone with dark circles and fine lines, if you’re looking for a thin, non-creasing concealer to colour correct and conceal.

On another note, I’m super late with my Project Pan updates, so I will be posting them by the end of this week. I have a lot of empties to share with you since February!

Hope you have a lovely mid-week!


Neth Mi

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