Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotize

Today I’m posting the swatches and review of the new Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotize palette.

IMG_4598 2

This palette was on pre-sale sometime back and I wasn’t sure when they’ll launch it again, so I immediately placed an order. At a first glance, it has THE most beautiful packaging and inside you get a full sized mirror and 12 shades of eyeshadow. (2 mattes, 1 matte with micro sparkles, 8 satin-shimmers and 1 pearly-shimmer)


The palette has 4 trios that you can easily use as 4 different eye looks. As it has a few different shades, I tried to mix some from the 4 colour stories but when I tried to do that, the result wasn’t so pretty.

I did a demo of Happy Glow here in this video:

Price: US$ 75.00

Here are the fingertip swatches


Performance: Except for the last shade, everything swatched beautifully with the fingertip, but even the last shade worked perfectly fine with a brush on my eyelid. Like I mentioned earlier, some of the shades don’t blend well with others (for example, I tried to blend the olive green (smoke shade) of Dream Glow into the smoke shade of Love Glow and it looked soooo muddy. I think that the palette works best the Charlotte Tilbury way: Prime, Enhance, Smoke (see the demo in the video)

Is it worth the price: Honestly, no. I think it’s wayyyy too pricey for a less-versatile palette like this. I do love all the individual “Glow” looks I created, and buying this palette is actually cheaper than buying 3-4 CT permanent quads. I wish it was a little less pricey nevertheless.

Do I recommend it? If you’re a die-hard CT fan, or if you don’t own any of her eyeshadow palettes like me, yes. I feel like I can still create all of these looks with my other eyeshadow palettes.

Hope this review helps you


Neth Mi

2 responses to “Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotize”

  1. The colour are just gorgeous and the packaging totally reminds me of winter xx

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    1. Yes so beautiful for the holiday season!

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