MAC In Monochrome: Velvet Teddy Collection

Hello beautiful people!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! I’ve got some time today to review one of my favorite purchases this year: MAC In Monochrome “Velvet Teddy collection”

Monochrome makeup has been trendy for a while now, and looks like it’s gonna be here to stay for a while. For this spring, MAC did a very clever release of 6 Monochrome collections using products they already have in their permanent lines; basically they made the job easier for us to put the shades together!

Why I call this a clever release is because the 6 collections are based on their top selling 6 lipstick shades:

  • Ruby Woo
  • Candy Yum Yum
  • Diva
  • Velvet Teddy
  • Heroine
  • See Sheer


I was lucky to swatch and check all the shades because I came back to Turkey 3 weeks ago, (what happened to the MAC Store opening at Colombo City Centre!!!! We’re so impatient right now!) but since the collection is expensive, (there’s no price reduction when you buy the entire set) I decided to go for something I would reach out for more often: something neutral.

Here comes Velvet Teddy…

I believe some of the other products in the collections are different from country to country, but the concept remains the same. The only thing I didn’t buy was the lip glass, because it was out of stock. Each collection has the iconic lipstick, matching lip glass, 2 coordinating eyeshadows, 1 blush, and one loose pigment.

In the Velvet Teddy collection (in Turkey) you get:

  • Velvet Teddy lipstick
  • Soft Brown Eyeshadow single
  • Mulch Eyeshadow single
  • Sunbasque Sheertone Shimmer Blush
  • Melon Loose pigment
  • Best Teddy Lip Glass

Here are the swatches below:

I added the lipliner “Boldly Bare”, also from MAC so you can see that it’s the ying to yang of Velvet Teddy lipstick.

I will be posting a tutorial using all of this products soon, so stay tuned to my Instagram: @nmstylefolder and my YouTube channel: LifeOfNiNe

My thoughts on this collection: Even though it looks like yet another boring neutrals collection, I think it’s one of the best neutral collections in the market right now. The colours compliment each other so well, and work so beautifully on tan skin tones. (I’m an NC35) In the picture below I’m wearing all of it, and you can see how beautiful it looks on me for everyday wear. My favorite is the blush, Sunbasque. This is the only blush that lasts on me all day long without any touch ups.

Note that I’m not even wearing highlighter, but my cheeks look glowing because of Sunbasque.

If you’re a neutrals lover like me, you will enjoy Velvet Teddy collection for sure! Let me know your thoughts if you already own it!


Neth Mi

3 responses to “MAC In Monochrome: Velvet Teddy Collection”

  1. This collection is awesome, I love the shades, they are so pretty and yes I agree the colors look nice on your tanned skin!

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    1. Thank you so much x

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