KKW BEAUTY Classic Palette Review

By now you all know that I love Kim Kardashian West’s beauty line, right? I personally think she’s doing so much better than Kylie Cosmetics, even though Kylie has a bigger fan base for products. I think KKW BEAUTY consumer is different, a little bit more mature and sophisticated than Kylie’s consumer. (Just personal opinion)

Anyway, I fell in love with her powder products instantly when I got my Contour kit aaaand the Mario palette (its the palette I always reach out for whenever I need a glam makeover) I wanted to buy her Classic palette the moment I saw it on Trendmood1 (on Instagram) but KKW team made a mistake and sent my palette about a month later! (This is why my review took so long!)

Classic palette is inspired by none other than Kim Kardashian West herself. The 3 shimmer shades in the palette are named after her 3 kids: North, Saint & Chicago. I find that the mattes in this palette are creamier than Mario palette. The pigmentation is bomb once again, so you have to be careful with how much product you pick up with your brush. Her shimmers work equally well with brushes and fingertips (Huda Beauty needs to find the secret behind this!)

There are about 4 shades similar to Mario palette, but I find that the Classic palette has more intensity than Mario’s:

The left swatch of each couple is from Mario palette and they do look different when you swatch them, even though they might look similar when you apply on your eyelids. I noticed that the Classic palette shadows are more buttery and pigmented than Mario’s palette. Both palettes blend really beautifully, which Classic palette leans more towards warm undertones.

KKW BEAUTY is pricey, but I think it’s worth it end of the day. I’ve been playing with this palette for a while now. It works so beautifully on warm/tan/deep skin tones. If you have brown eyes, this palette will definitely enhance it. If you have blue/grey eyes, the shades Chicago and North will look great on you.

Overall I love this palette so much. I recommend it if you love warm eyeshadows.

Now I’m waiting for her next palette “Classic Blossom” to arrive here… fingers crossed I’d like it too!

Have a good day!


Neth Mi

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