Colour Pop x Alexis Ren review

I know it’s kinda late to write about a collection that launched in early February this year since we’re already in mid-March, but some products were immediately out of stock on this launch so I had to wait till they restocked them in order to review the whole collection together. I haven’t really been able to buy an entire collection of makeup in my life (either because of the price point or lack of availability in my region) so I’m really excited I could purchase everything under US$50.00 to review for you…


Except for Topaz, everything else is still available and they might restock Topaz too so I guess I’m not too late to talk about Colour Pop x Alexis Ren collection.

In total there are 6 products in this collection:

  • Topaz (bronzer and highlighter duo)
  • Deja vu, Exotic, Lexi (Blotted lipstick)
  • Bare Necessities (Ultra Satin)
  • Little Weapon (Ultra Matte)

The packaging: Of this entire collection is in black background with copper lettering. I think it’s very beautiful and classy. The matte black surface looks really nice in contrast to signature Colour Pop packaging. They are also very light weight, and Topaz has a good sized mirror inside too. But on the minus side, the lettering is already faded on the Blotted Lips so now they’re just matte black lipstick tubes :/

Here’re the swatches of all products:




This was the first product to go out of stock. Even though I have many highlighters, I don’t have enough bronzers to suit my moods (and my clients) and this duo looked very promising. When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised about the pan sizes. They’re larger than I expected and the colours are oh-so-pretty!

The bronzer, “Golden Moment” is warm with a bit of orange in it. It’s pretty similar to the Sephora Trip to Haiti bronzer I bought 2 years back (speaking of which, I actually forgot about it till now!) It’s finely milled so the application is even, blend-able and buttery. But I think this may not show up on skin tones darker than mine (I’m NC40 currently)

The highlighter, “She’s here to stay” has a wet look as you swatch it and has slightly chunky glitter particles in it. It’s a true golden highlighter, and the glitter is not that bad as you apply on your skin. This may look too dark on very fair skin, so recommend this when you’re tanned if you do have fair skin. It works great on my medium skin.

Price: US$ 15.00

Blotted Lips- Déjà vu, Exotic, Lexi


I think this formula is new to Colour Pop. These are supposed to literally give you an impression of blotted lips, without actually having to blot them. They a have a velvety matte finish and are very comfortable to wear. They lasted about 4 hours on me and these 3 colours are so pretty and I’m sure they suit from pale to dark skin too.

Déjà vu in particular is very pretty and an everyday colour.

Price: US$ 5.00 each

Bare Necessities & Little Weapon


Price: US$ 6.00 each

Bare Necessities is a very pretty pink frosting shade that could be slightly too light for medium skin tones. It’ll be a beautiful shade for pale skin. The formula is more comfortable than the Ultra Matte from Colour Pop, but it doesn’t last as long as that too.

Little Weapon is actually a little weapon of red lipsticks! It’s the brightest, boldest and THE most long lasting red lipstick ever in the history of makeup (I think!) Only the most daring beauties can pull this off and make sure you don’t wanna take it off the whole day because this little byatch does NOT come off. Not even with makeup wipes or makeup remover. It’s kinda scary, but great for days and nights.

Overall thoughts:

I think this is one of the most affordable, practical and wearable collection launches in the recent times, whether you want to buy the whole collection or individual pieces. Alexis Ren is one of my favorite Instagrammers and I think she did a great job collaborating with Colour Pop to make this new collection. No matter how many lipstick colors I have (I have around 125 right now!) I always gravitate towards either nudes or red because you can’t go wrong with them, so this collection is perfect for people like me.

Hope this review helps you!


Neth Mi














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