L.A. Colors High Shine Lipglosses in Playful & Lavish

Alright everyone… Here’s the review I promised to post last Sunday :/ on L.A. Colors High Shine Lipglosses in two colours I received in the goody bag from DressYourFace Dubai Masterclass… (not gonna talk about the delay, but I apologize)

L.A. Colors Cosmetics is a drugstore brand, and these High Shine Lipglosses come in 18 different shades ranging from clear to pinks, nudes, reds and purples. I received one light and one dark shade as Tamanna promised all of her students… You can see the colours below:


Playful is: The bubblegum pink shade here with pink and gold shimmer. Applies evenly with full opacity and high shine.

Lavish is:  The deepest colour in this range of 18 colours, and is a vampy red with pearly micro shimmer. Applies slightly unevenly at first, but in 2 coats it evens out and gives beautiful shiny vampy lips.

These lipglosses come in large containers and they truly speak for their name. They are super high in shine, and they’re also very, very opaque. The finish of “Playful” is slightly similar to Too Faced Melted Metallic Peony. “Playful” is a little thicker and more metallic than Melted Metallic Peony. The consistency is great for a drugstore brand.

My favourite shade is “Lavish”, because I love vampy lips (don’t we all?) I think it’s a great colour for Autumn/Winter months. I’m honestly a little tired of seeing super matte lips these days, and I have a feeling we’ll all embrace glossy lips pretty soon 🙂

The applicator is: Slim, which is great for precise application.

I couldn’t find the price online… Please write in the comments if you know because these were in the goody bags and on their website they haven’t indicated a price 😦

Wear-time is: Not as long as regular lipsticks, as you all know lipglosses last shorter than lipsticks on your lips. These are not crazy tacky like MAC lipglass, so they don’t last more than 2-3 hours. You’ll need to keep these with you like any other lipgloss you own for touch-ups throughout the day…

Do I recommend these?  Yes. I love high shine lipglosses. If you liked Too Faced Melted Metallic lipsticks, you’ll fall in love with these too because surely these are more affordable with the same kind of texture (aside from more shine and opacity, which we don’t mind!)

Here I’m wearing them: (Top: Playful, bottom: Lavish)



Happy Friday, all of you!


Neth Mi

2 responses to “L.A. Colors High Shine Lipglosses in Playful & Lavish”

  1. I have Playful, Dollface (warm brown nude) and Bohemian (warm pinky mauve). I love them all – LA Colors have really stepped up their game with these (remember when “lipgloss” just meant tacky pink/clear goop?!) and their new matte liquid lip colors. I found them for $2.49 each in Bartells.

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    1. Bohemian sounds like my kinda colour! Will check them out 💕 I know! I still have those old lip glosses (not using them though!) thanks for dropping by 😘


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