How to correct & conceal dark circles… (Version 1)

Hi all!

Today I’m posting one of the most requested pictorials here on how to correct and conceal dark circles!

Being a South Asian, I’m blessed (not) with heavy dark circles and unless I conceal them every single day (yes, every single day now that I’ve done it for so long) people ask me whether I’m sick :/

But dark circles are a universal thing, whether they are slight or heavy. We all have at least 1% of darkness around our eyes. Now, the happy news is you can completely correct them with makeup without splurging on surgery.

Today I will show you one of the gazillion ways of concealing your dark circles. This is version 1, so more versions are on the way! 😀


Products I’m using today are:

First, check how deep/dark your under eye area is. Some girls are fortunate enough to have very slight dark circles. If you’re one of them, all you need is a full coverage concealer. But if you have deep dark circles, you definitely need to correct them.

Correcting your dark circles: I’ve seen some beauty gurus correct the dark area under eyes with red lipstick. This is a little extreme in my opinion, and practically doesn’t give a very real effect either. (@hudabeauty on Instagram did a really good comparison on red lipstick and orange lipstick. The winner was orange) Colour correcting is necessary if you have deep dark circles, as concealers alone will fade off by the end of the day, and sometimes they might look even darker too.

It’s a very easy step. Doesn’t require much time, and you’ll be happy with the results too! All you need is a “concealer”, not a lipstick! The reason I say this is because lipsticks are more waxy, and are made to be worn on your lips. Its consistency works better over there than under your eyes. Concealers are made for under eye skin, so they have better hold on the skin. Pick a concealer that has a lot of orange/apricot colour in it. (There’re separate colour correcting concealers too, and you can pick one of them too)

Today I’m picking MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW35 as my colour corrector.


(Note that my true skin tone is NC35. I picked NW because it has more orange in it) The MAC Studio Finish Concealer gives full coverage with very little product. To buff the product on my eye area, I’m using this amazing brush from Morphe M335. This is the best brush ever to buff your concealers! Gives a really beautiful airbrushed effect. (On the picture here I’ve corrected only my right side under eye area)

Now my under eyes are orange. Nothing to worry, though! Next I have my concealer ready 🙂

Now to actual concealing I’m using Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer in LIGHT.


I have medium skin, but I want my under eye to be really bright. This is why I chose a lighter concealer shade. If you’re not into the whole highlight & contour thing, you can pick a concealer that matches your true skin tone. I buff this lightly on top of the corrector with the same Morphe brush M335.

Small Tip: You can spread the lighter shade concealer on the side of the nose as shown in the picture here so that it makes your nose look slimmer!

To set the concealers so that they won’t move around or crease during the day, use a setting powder.


Today I’m using MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in C5.5 with my favourite Setting Brush from Real Techniques.

It’s important that you set all your cream/liquid products with powder so they last longer. Setting with powder will also make your skin look matte.

I like using Studio Fix powders because they give extra coverage.


I have now successfully covered my dark circles! Here’s the collage of correct, conceal and setting your dark circles 🙂


To complete the look, I applied Spirit Rock and Hot Chocolate from Anastasia Self-Made palette on the lower lash line.


I hope this pictorial helped you! Let me know how you correct and conceal your dark circles!

See you soon!


Neth Mi

7 responses to “How to correct & conceal dark circles… (Version 1)”

  1. You’re absolutely gorgeous! And this was a great tutorial. I myself have terrible dark circles and I recently bought MAC’s pro longwear concealer, which is amazing for the under eye area. Still looking for a good corrector though. 😦


    1. Hey doll! Thank you so much! I need to get the pro longwear concealer too… For me the Studio Finish concealer works great as a corrector.. I’ve been using the same little pot for 2 years in a row and I can use it for another 6 months more 🙂 why don’t you try that? Xx


      1. I think that’s what I’m going to do. Our skin tones are pretty similar so I think it’ll probably be a good match. Thanks! xx


      2. Cool! Try the NW series 😉 Xx


      3. Thanks for the tip!

        Liked by 1 person

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