BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Tulip Review


This blush was sent free because I reached a certain level of spending for that sale you all know by know that happened a few weeks ago at bhcosmetics, and they asked me to pick a shade. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have enough time to read any reviews and I just clicked on “Tulip”

Am I disappointed? No.

The Packaging: Is so pretty and compact. It has a decent mirror inside. The compact has a blush and a bronzer in generous portions.

IMG_7016Product quality: Is really good with excellent pigmentation and application. These two colours are very bright and pigmented, so I recommend using a fluffy brush instead of a densely packed one.

On the left side is an extremely bright coral red and the right side shade is a shimmery copper, which can be used as a shimmery blush if you desire on a very dark skin. I love applying the coral red on my cheeks with a little dusting of the copper shade on top.

This duo is more suitable for: Medium/Tan to Dark skin. It’s a great summer blush/bronzer duo. I’m so in love with this product!


This product is cruelty-free

Price: US$ 4.00

For such a low price, you get a massive amount of product in two different shades! Super cute packaging for a nice, summer getaway too. Don’t forget to check out the other shades at BH Cosmetics…  (Hint: A lot of YouTubers love “Rose” & “Iris”)

Thanks so much for reading! There’re only 3 more products to review from BH Cosmetics Haul… You can see the other products I bought from the Haul by clicking here 😉


Neth Mi

3 responses to “BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Tulip Review”

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  2. Both of the shades are so pretty and pigmented! Really perfect for a summery look! ☺


    1. Yes! Perfect pair for summer 🙂


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