Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette- Review & Swatches

This was another palette that I was desperately waiting to be launched ever since it started flooding my IG feed. I’ve never been able to purchase an Anastasia eyeshadow palette before, but after seeing the beautiful LE Tamanna Palette at my blogger BFF’s place (which was sold out like hot cakes at that time!) I started keeping an eye on all of their releases.

When bloggers and MUAs started giving sneak peeks of this Shadow Couture Palette, it instantly got me hooked because of the colour arrangement. You guys know I love collecting eyeshadow palettes, but I’ve never been able to find a pre-made palette that is as versatile as Shadow Couture Palette seems. And it truly is.

In my opinion, they’ve given the perfect name for this palette. I will explain it word by word 🙂


Shadow Couture: At a glance, you can see that all these colours have a rich, warm undertone and slightly resemble the colour transition from summer to autumn. I always gravitate towards warm eyeshadows because I know I can never go wrong with them on my NC 30 skin tone. (Recently realised I’m NC, not NW :/ ) These rich colours are not only beautiful on the pan but they also swatch extremely well, and they feel so luxurious too. They are truly up to couture standards.

World Traveller: I mentioned before that this is the most versatile palette I’ve come across.

That is because,

(a) the box is nice and compact that shuts well, and has a mirror and dual ended brush inside so the packaging is automatically travel friendly.

(b) the mix of eyeshadow finishes: Ultra Matte, Metallic, Titanium, Satin & Shimmer

(c) the arrangement of colours from warm neutrals to pops of colour that can dress your eyes up or down for any occasion. These 3 reasons are enough that you don’t have to carry all your eyeshadow palettes when you travel (I used to carry ALL of them before because each palette had something I always wear as well as colours I have never touched)

Where to buy: This is a Limited Editon palette, so you might want to hurry up and grab one (or two! it’s worth to keep a backup) Available at as far as I know. I got mine from (they offer free worldwide shipping)

Price: US$ 30.00

Packaging: I love the black & gold packaging. The box and the palette contain the same design. It comes with a decent sized mirror and a dual ended brush that is “okay”, but I still prefer to use my other eyeshadow brushes.


Colours and their performance: 


Soft Peach: (Ultra Matte) Is a nude peach that can be used as a soft layer on top of your primer, or as a brow bone highlight. This colour doesn’t show up well on medium skin, but it’s great to blend your transition shade into a seamless finish.

Morocco: (Ultra Matte) Is a brick red that I love to use on my crease. This is well pigmented and showed up beautifully on fair to medium skin. For deep, chocolate skin tones, this can be used as a transition shade too.

Heirloom: (Sparkle) Is a true eggplant with pink sparkles. This colour is a little similar to Too Faced Chocolate Bar’s Candied Violet, but performs better.

Bellini: (Satin) Is golden peach you can use on your lids or inner corners to give a nice highlight to your eyes. This is a beautiful colour that showed up soft and nice on my skin.

Pink Champagne: (Titanium) Is my favourite shade of this palette. It’s a shimmery pink that gives that extra oomph! to your eyes in just one swipe. If you prefer sparkly, titanium finish eyeshadows to pigments, this is the right shade for you. The hand-feel is pretty similar to Colour Pop shadows. Good job, ABH!

Chic: (Shimmer) Is a shimmery light grey with a hint of pale green. Good pigmentation. Great for Inner Corner highlight or all over colour on the lid.

Spoiled: (Metallic) Is another golden peach, but with gold flecks for a metallic finish. Unfortunately this colour didn’t show up too well on my skin.

Fudge: (Ultra Matte) Is a rich, chocolate brown that leans greatly towards warm undertones. Swatches beautifully, and can be used for a day-time smokey eye.

Azure: (Metallic) Is a vibrant blue that reminds me of Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar’s Blueberry Swirl, but performs wayyyyyy better. Remember how I wasn’t satisfied with the colour pay off of Blueberry Swirl? Well, Azure’s pigmentation is what I expected from Blueberry Swirl. You just need one swipe of Azure across your eyelid for that beautiful pop of colour!

Intense Gaze: (Satin) Is an intense bronze-y pink with excellent colour pay off. My 2nd favourite colour right after Pink Champagne & before Morocco. This is so pretty when applied on the lid.

Metallic: (Metallic) Is an oxidised gold that is perfect as an all over lid colour. Love the pigmentation.

Noir (Ultra Matte) Is a flat carbon black with crazy pigmentation. This is the blackest of blacks you can find in the eyeshadow market.

Overall Fallouts: None. However, if you’re a beginner you may want to be careful with Noir.

Overall Pigmentation: Excellent. Soft Peach & Spoiled may not look so great on medium skin, though they make great transition/blending shades.

Is it worth the hype: YES! I’m hyper excited that I managed to get this palette down here. Now I don’t have to carry all my eyeshadow palettes when I travel. This covers every look I love to create for myself!

It’s worth the hype, so I recommend it! 

If you love collecting palettes, then this one is a must-have!

If you’re new to eyeshadow, then by all means go for this palette because this covers up most of the colours you’ll need.

I’m planning to do a collaboration on this palette with my other blogger BFF from USA … We will announce it soon on my Instagram 🙂

So I’ll see you soon with some beautiful Gerard Cosmetics Highlighters…

Stay pretty!


Neth Mi

7 responses to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette- Review & Swatches”

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