Europe Diaries: A day in Paris

Hi beautiful people,

Before I write about MAC’s Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick (will be up on this weekend!) I thought of doing a travel post just to freshen up the feed… (I’m thinking of adding a few travel posts in the future too) So I’m starting my travel series with “A Day in Paris” today (kinda already started with my 7-day swimming pool hunt in Sri Lanka some time back)

So here are some interesting photographs I took in Paris…

Too many clocks?


Matte is the rage everywhere 🙂 Who wouldn’t want this big matte black bike?


The Seine…


Getting closer to the Eiffel Tower…


Under the Eiffel Tower…


Perhaps the most photographed place on earth??? 

IMG_4375 c

Our next stop was The Louvre…


Inside The Louvre is just too vast and sooooo much to photograph, so I’m gonna do that in a separate post…

So here’s a couple of ducks swimming around in front of the glass pyramid of Louvre…


You need like 2 whole weeks to check this place (just checking things on the surface without properly reading and photographing!)


After spending about 3 hours in the museum, we had a nice walk around, where I spent about 45 minutes at a tiny MAC store 😉 before heading off to Champs Elysées…


We strolled through a beautiful park and sat and fed some birds on a little break…


Flowers in the park…


En-Route to Champs Elysées…


The Guerlain boutique was one of the prettiest places in Champs Elysées


And here’s that beautiful but chaotic Sephora I was talking about in a previous post…


I couldn’t spend so much time at Sephora 😦 But I bought the following stuff to write about:

1. Sephora Shimmering Bronzing Powder in Trip to Haiti (Check complete review here.)

2. Sephora shadow & liner in Violet (Upcoming review)

3. Sephora volumizing mascara (Upcoming review)

4. Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner (Upcoming review)

5. Bare Minerals Mascara: Lash Domination (Upcoming review)

6. NARS Christopher Kane Blush in Starscape (Check complete review here.)

7. Sephora Cleansing Wipes (Upcoming review)

After shopping in Sephora, we had another coffee break at one of the roadside cafes before we went back to hotel after a well-spent day…

The next day we went to Switzerland and on the way there I photographed some beautiful blooms on the road side…

IMG_4560 copy

IMG_4566 copy


So I’ll see you guy soon with a post from my favourite category: Beauty… and I will keep you posted on more travel pics…

I hope you liked the pictures…

See you soon,


Neth Mi

p.s. All photographs are taken by me, on my good old iPhone 5S and none of them have been edited or photoshopped.

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