Chanel Méditerranéen Palette review

Hey beauties,

It’s time for a review for another new makeup release! This time, it’s from Chanel.

Chanel released a lot of new makeup items in the beginning of this year, and “La Pausa de Chanel” is their 2022 spring/summer makeup collection, inspired by “La Pausa”, the villa in the south of France that once belonged to Gabrielle Chanel. The collection comprises of earthy and golden tones that shines on the Riviera during the early spring days.

The full collection has 2 blushes, 1 eyeshadow palette, 6 lip balms, 2 liquid eyeshadows, 2 nail polishes and 1 multi-glow stick. I managed to buy the eyeshadow palette, “Méditerranéen” just before it was sold out in the UK, but I wasn’t too drawn to the other items in the collection.

Méditerranéen is a limited edition 4-colour palette with a beautiful embossed design of sun rays with the Chanel logo. All 4 colours are shimmers, with one of them having slightly chunkier micro-glitter, that can be used as a topper shade.

Shade descriptions according to Chanel are as below:

  • Upper left- iridescent platinum
  • Upper right- gold highlighter (topper shade)
  • Lower left- beige copper
  • Lower right- brownish khaki

All shades perform well, and the best way to apply them would be with either fingertips or a sponge-tip applicator. I like using either the platinum shade or the beige copper shade all-over the lid as a one-and-done shadow for everyday. The brownish khaki shade can be used the same way for a soft-glam smokey eye for an evening occasion, or use on the outer corners for a hint of definition. I also love using the gold highlighter over my other neutral eyeshadow palettes to add some light to the middle of the eyelid.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this palette, as the colours are very soft and wearable for everyday. I hope Chanel would bring this back in stock, as I’m expecting this will be a hit for those who love soft and neutral eye makeup in champagne tones.

Have you tried anything from La Pausa de Chanel? Let me know your thoughts…


Neth Mi

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