Project Pan – February 2022

Hey everyone!

It’s time for an update on the January PP and show you my picks for this month!

First, here are the picks for February 2022:

Now let’s see what happened with last month’s PP items:


Starting with Chanel… This was a bit tough in Jan because I bought two new foundations for review purpose (CT Beautiful Skin and Chanel No 1), so I had to pause Les Beiges foundation for two full weeks to try the CT foundation, so it was used only 12 times in total. Les Beiges Soleil de Tan bronzer was used 22 times, and the blush was also a little neglected as I received the Fenty Cream blush in Rose Latte to test by mid-January.

I’ll be continuing to use Les Beiges Foundation in February for 2 weeks again, as I have to review the Chanel No 1 foundation after using it for the next 2 weeks. The cream bronzer will be continued throughout the month. As for blush, I wasn’t sure about Rose Initial, so I’ll keep it out of the PP picks for February.

I finished the brow gel from Kosas, so I’m adding the Chanel Brow Pencil in 40 for February.


I have good news with Ilia though! I finished the travel size Ilia Limitless Lashes mascara and started using the full-size of the same product. The travel size was used 67 times in total (started using it last year), and the new full size mascara was used 13 times in January.

The True Serum Skin Tint was used as an SPF serum 12 times, and I won’t be continuing it in Feb as I don’t tend to reach for it as I expected.


Another happy news is that I finished the Kosas AirBrow Gel in Dark Brown. I used it 33 times in January, and in total I’ve used it 157 times. The Lip Oil was used 18 times, and I used mostly other lipsticks in Jan. I will be removing these from the PP picks for Feb, as I find the concealer to be slightly too yellow, and the lip oil to be too bright to be worn for every day.

Victoria Beckham Beauty:

Okay, I completely forgot about VBB in Jan! May be not completely, but on most days! I used the bronzer about 11 times, and the lip tint only 3 times. I really want to use these more, but the Chanel Bronzer is quite pigmented that I hardly need any powder bronzer these days. I also lightened my hair, so the less bronzer I use, the better for me.

Charlotte Tilbury:

I thought I’d pan the powder in Jan, but there’s still enough product for about 1.5 months! I used it 32 times in January, and will be using this in Feb too. I used Catwalking and B*tch Perfect 7 and 4 times respectively. I think I will not add any lip products for PP for February, as I’ve noticed that I use different lipstick everyday.

I’ll be adding the CT Exaggereyes palette for February, as I’ve neglected it a little and the colours are right up my alley at the moment.


I tried so hard to like these two eyeshadows on me, but I kept going back to the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow every day! I used Soft Brown 10 times and Starry Starry Night only 3 times. There is really no point in forcing to use products you don’t like enjoying, so I’m removing both eyeshadows from February.


  • Empties:
    • Ilia Beauty Limitless Lashes Mascara (Travel size)
    • Kosas AirBrow Gel (Dark Brown)
  • Continuing:
    • Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation (BD41)
    • Chanel Les Beiges Soleil de Tan Cream Bronzer (Tan Deep)
    • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder (2)
  • New additions for February:
    • Chanel No 1 Revitalizing Foundation
    • Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel (40)
    • Chanel Sculpting Brow Pencil (40)
    • Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes palette

I doubt I’d be able to finish any of the above products, but I’ll update the progress on each item. If at all, the CT powder will finish, but as I use less powder these days it might continue to March too.

Let me know how you’re doing with your Project Pan!


Neth Mi

One response to “Project Pan – February 2022”

  1. Awesome job! You used up 2 products in January and I think that is amazing! Keep it up! I have a lot of full beauty products too. I am adding products to my project pan that are mostly empty as well to keep myself motivated as I use the full sized product. I need that extra push and following along with project panners help as well. Are there any other project panners that you follow as a blogger or any on youtube you suggest as well? I’m always looking to support more of the community.


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