Project Pan – January 2022 edit

Hey all,

I’m going to start Project Pan series again this year because I bought such a lot of makeup last year (same old story lol) and now I feel bad and some of them are close to getting expired!

If you’re new to the concept Project Pan, it’s a small fun project where you curate a small makeup kit that you plan to use up (as much as possible) and sometimes you end up actually panning the items. I used to do this a couple of years ago, but dropped out of it because I was too hard on myself (too many restrictions) so this time there are no hard rules… I’ve added options for categories like lips and eyes and kept only the base restricted (because they’re a bit hard to pan).

If you’re interested in jumping into this project, go ahead, start now! Look for the older makeup you have (products that are not expired) and closer to getting expired. Make sure you love them. If you don’t love them, you’re not gonna continue Project Pan (that’s what happened to me last time), and you can try and do it for as long as you want… no judgements!

I looked at my Excel sheet of makeup purchases (I do this so I can keep track of expiry dates, number of uses, etc…) and picked the ones closer to expiring from each brand for each category.

Little warning: long post ahead…

First up is Chanel:

I got the Les Beiges foundation (shade BD41) as a birthday gift from my fiancé last April, so I have only about 3.5 months left. There’s a little more than half the bottle, but my records say I’ve used this 96 times already, so I’m guessing it’ll be done by April if I use it every day! (I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to makeup. I have a record of every product I use on myself just to keep track for this blog).

The moment they launched the bronzer, I bought it! This is Les Beiges Cream Bronzer in Tan Deep, the darker shade we’ve all been praying for! It’s a lovely product, and there’s more than 3/4 of it left but I know if continuously use it with good sanitisation I can stretch its shelf life a bit longer (take the product out with a spatula instead of dipping the brush directly, and wipe off the top layer every now and then to remove any bacteria). I use a MAC 130 brush to apply this.

Chanel’s Jous Contraste blush in Rose Initial is not going to expire soon, but I’ve neglected this for a while, and I shouldn’t. It’s a beautiful blush colour on me. Hoping to use this for as long as I can.

Next we have two items from Ilia:

I’m very new to Ilia Beauty. I started testing some brands that claim to be “clean beauty” last year, but sadly most of them didn’t work well for the tropical weather here in Sri Lanka and specially when worn under a mask for a long time. I guess they’re ok for no-makeup days when I stay at home. Anyway, they’re not cheap, so I’m planning to use Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint (shade Paloma) as an SPF serum (because it has SPF 40 and other skincare benefits).

I do LOVE the Ilia Limitless Lashes Mascara though. It’s definitely my favourite mascara at the moment. It’s very easy to use, adds so much volume and length, extremely black and also easy to remove. This will be expired end of this month but I have a back up on the way!

Talking about Clean Beauty, here are some Kosas picks:

The next clean beauty brand I tried was Kosas. While I’m still on the fence about their skin tint, I love these three items so much, that I’m planning to repurchase them in the future.

Kosas Revealer Concealer (shade 6.8W) is a thick, full coverage concealer that stretches beautifully on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or look cakes. This one is so much better that Tarte Shape Tape! If you use a good eye cream and apply in a thin layer with a Beauty Blender, your under eyes will look smooth and bright. I set it lightly with Charlotte’s Airbrush powder.

Kosas Lip Oils are soooooo nourishing and comfortable on the lips. They’re like lip glosses, but without the tackiness. I chose the shade Jaws because it’s a jaw-dropping brilliant blue-red. You can wear a thin layer for a hint of colour or go full-on glam with a few thick layers. The shine is soooo pretty. This is one of the options I’m keeping for this month.

Ever since I bought the Kosas Airbrow Gel (shade Dark Brown), I’ve not stopped using it. It’s lightweight, adds volume and keeps the brow hairs groomed for a good amount of time. They also make your brows look very naturally groomed.

Aaaaand Victoria Beckham Beauty!

Last Clean Beauty brand for Jan is Victoria Beckham Beauty. VBB nailed it with every product they launched! I’ve picked the Matte Bronzing Brick (shade 3) to apply over the Chanel Bronzer. This is one of the best powder bronzers I’ve tried.

On days I don’t want heavy lipsticks, I plan to wear the VBB Bitten Lip Tint in Amour. Amour is a peachy nude. I use about 2 coats and it lasts a pretty long time on me. This is perfect for anyone who loves a no-makeup look.

Two more brands, I promise! First is Charlotte Tilbury:

I don’t think I have to explain it, as you can see a massive pan on the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder! I have no intention of using another powder. Once this is fully panned, I’ll be starting a new one!

I also chose 2 nude lipsticks as options. B*tch Perfect and Cat Walking (a new colour from 2021). For swatches go to the bottom of this post!

And last but not least, everyone’s first-makeup-brand-to-buy, or at least it was for me… MAC:

I feel bad not to include anything from MAC! So I chose two eyeshadows that had been idling around for a while. The matte shade is “Soft Brown” and the shimmer is a limited edition from 2019, “Starry Starry Night”. Both are a bit old, but still not expired. I find that powder eyeshadow shelf-life can be extended more than other products.

So here are the swatches of everything.

I will update you on the progress by end of this month.

Let me know if you’re going to start Project Pan with me…

Have a lovely day!


Neth Mi

5 responses to “Project Pan – January 2022 edit”

  1. I am project panning, too! Good luck and I hope you finish all of your goals this year! ❤

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    1. Perfect! Good luck panning and keep us updated! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Getting ready for my update posts. I see yours just posted. Going to check it out. Hopefully, we can keep each other motivated! Get it girl!


      2. Hey thank you so much for your encouragement! I actually follow the hashtag #projectpan on Instagram.. and a couple of YouTubers. I’ll make a list and post them soon! Good luck with your project pan! Xx

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