Chanel – Tissé Rivoli palette review

Hey beauties,

I’ve been diving into some Chanel makeup goodness these days, and I’m so excited that I finally have everything to do a full face of Chanel. I wanted to buy some of the bestsellers because I no longer live in a place where I can visit a Chanel boutique (and I don’t see me traveling internationally for a long time) so I had to do a bit of extra research before splurging into some Chanel.

I’m very pleased to say that I’m so happy with all my Chanel purchases. My favorite at the moment is the eyeshadow palette in Tissé Rivoli. I checked on multiple YouTube channels and blogs before purchasing this one, because I wanted just one palette that I can wear throughout the year for any occasion. Most Chanel lovers recommended Tissé Rivoli in this case.

Tissé Rivoli by Chanel

Fortunately, this is a permanent palette, and it retails for GBP 47.00 so yeah, it is on the pricey side. I mean, it’s a luxury brand, and in my opinion is totally worth the money.

While all four shadows can be worn alone or together, I like to wear one of two shadows on the left side alone all over the lid for a soft wash of colour. The top left shadow (Ombré 1) is more shimmery than the other three, and I prefer to wear it for an evening or a special occasion. The bottom left shadow (Ombré 2) is perfect for an everyday look. I like to intensify the outer corners with the bottom right shade, and I add the top right shade as a highlight on the inner corners.

Swatches of Tissé Rivoli palette

Everything from the packaging to application, quality of the eyeshadows and the overall experience with this palette is luxurious. The eyeshadows glide on beautifully with both fingertips (my preferred method) and brushes. You need dense brushes or sponge-tip applicators as all shades have either satin or shimmer finish. They look so elegant on the eyes, and the shades are neutral enough to be worn on any complexion.

Wearing Ombré 2 all over the lid

These shadows blend beautifully, and last about 10-12 hours without primers.

Wearing Ombré 1 on the center, Highlight on the inner corners and Intense on the outer corners.

This is my new favorite palette for everyday. It’s so classy to carry around in my handbag too, not that I need any touchups as these last all day long even without a primer. I also love the plum/mauve undertones of this palette as they compliment my brown eyes so well without adding too much colour.

I recommend this palette for anyone who wants to buy a classic luxury eyeshadow palette for everyday, especially if they’re looking for a neutral palette that doesn’t have the typical browns and bronzes. If you have brown eyes, this palette will enhance your eyes very elegantly. Definitely worth the price in my opinion.

I’ll be reviewing some more Chanel products this year (I’m dedicating this year for Chanel) so stay tuned!

Have a nice day!


Neth Mi


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