Huda Beauty Khaki Haze Obsessions Palette review + swatches

Hey everyone,

It’s been 4 months since my last blog post and I apologise for my absence from this space. I’ve been quite active on my YouTube and Instagram though, the pandemic changed my lifestyle so much that I didn’t have the urge to sit down and right a long review on a beauty product. I was also on a low-buy on cosmetics in the past 4 months.

Anyway, I decided to buy a mini obsessions palette from Huda Beauty this week, because it was calling my name since its launch last month. Meet Khaki Haze Obsessions Palette:

Packaging: The palette is now in a plastic casing (unlike the gemstone obsessions series) and has a nice decent size mirror inside with 9 eyeshadow pans. The exterior of the packaging is a beautiful hazy khaki print that mimics the colours inside. I like the size of these palettes as they fit in any cosmetic bag and they are also lightweight.

Pigmentation & Application: I’m disappointed to say that this is the worst performing Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette I’ve tried. All other palettes I have purchased or swatched in-store had great colour payoff when applying on the eyelids, but this khaki palette was extremely weak in terms of pigmentation when applying with a brush. The mattes were so dry and patchy, the pale pink shade was extremely chalky, and the shimmers were weak even when applied with the fingertip. The colours are beautiful, but because of the lack of pigmentation, it doesn’t have the punch when applied on the eyelids. There was also a ton of fallouts from both mattes and shimmers, so I suggest that you do your eyes first if you’re planning to use the palette.

Colours: It has 4 shimmers & 5 mattes, and in my opinion has 2 prominent colour stories (khaki & coppery brown) When swatched on the back of the hand, they look really beautiful, but they don’t transfer the same way when you actually apply them on the eyes. I wish there was more punch in the colour scheme here. And I could easily find repeat shades (more like dupes within the brand itself) from her other palettes, and most of them are from her Rose Gold Remastered Palette. I don’t have the New Nudes Palette & the Medium Nude Obsessions Palette with me anymore, but I’m pretty sure you can easily find repeat shades from those palettes to match the last 3 colours in the Khaki Haze Palette.

Repeat shades: While I’m pretty sure that the 3 bottom shades are repeats from the Medium Nude Obsessions palette, the pink tones can be repeats from the New Nudes palette. (I sold both my palettes since I wasn’t using those as much as I anticipated) I still found repeats for 6 of the shades in the palette from her other palettes (5 of them from Rose Gold Remastered & 1 from Emerald Obsessions) While they all have slight variations in undertones, you’re still better off with Rose Gold Remastered and Emerald Obsessions since they have superb colour pay-off on the eyelids.

I quickly created 3 different looks from this palette:

Do I recommend this palette? If you have the Rose Gold Remastered or the Medium Nude Obsessions with the Emerald Obsessions palette, you don’t need this. If you’re a collector of Huda Beauty palettes, then you definitely don’t need this because you already have very similar shades in her other palettes that won’t make any difference once you apply on the eyes.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like heavy eyeshadow looks or if you prefer a soft wash of warm neutral colours then I recommend this palette for you.

Let me know what you think of this palette…


Neth Mi


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  1. That’s so annoying that the formulas are inconsistent! The colour story is gorg..


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