Kickstarting #projectpan20

I’m restarting #projectpan20, starting with my most loved skincare and makeup products!

I thought of focusing more on products that have little bit more left to motivate me to carry on this project for the rest of this year. I love mixing the Hyaluronic Acid serum from The Ordinary with Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. As you can see both have very little left and hopefully they’ll be done by the middle of this month (May)

For moisturizer I’m using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream I received as a gift last Christmas and as my eye cream, I’m using the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream I received as a sample. I believe CT will be done by the middle of this month too. It’s a good cream, but I won’t repurchase it since there’re similar creams for lesser prices in the market. I like the BB eye cream, but I already have a full size of their regular eye cream, so once this finishes I’ll switch back to that!

For my base makeup I’m using a sample of Bobbi Brown Skin Serum Foundation I received last month (it’ll last about another 3-4 days!) and the corrector is almost done too! The concealer is new, but I’m adding it to the list as I know it’ll be finished in a few months too. For contour/bronze I dug this Tantour from Huda Beauty which has a deep pan (so satisfying!) and once this is done, I’ll be getting the new Fenty Cream Bronzer to test. For blush I love the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink, and even though I don’t see myself finishing it in this lifetime, I enjoy it so much! Ultimately, this project is about using what you love first, before buying more. I think I’m good for blush for the rest of my life!

For powder, I love Huda Beauty Easy Bake in Banana Bread and if you can see the bottom mark, that’s where I’m at right now. The top one was made in the beginning of April. For highlighter I’m continuing to use this Bobbi Brown x Morag Myerscough highlighter and for eyeshadows I’m keeping Bone and Taupe as basic shades for everyday. I hit pan on Bone last month and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit pan on Taupe this month.

For lips I’ve chosen these 3 shades from Bobbi Brown again. These are the new Crushed Oil-infused Glosses and they’re so so good! I love the middle one (Wild Card) and I can already see I’ve used it a bit more than others if you look closely!

I’ll be sharing my experience every two weeks here!

Hope everyone’s safe!


Neth Mi

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