Bobbi Brown Nude Drama Palette

So this palette landed in Australia a couple of weeks ago!

I wasn’t super crazy over it when I saw the pictures on social media. It looked like yet another nude palette (don’t we have enough already??) and even though it still looked beautiful I thought of giving it a pass. One of the main reasons I wanted to do so was because it looked like another pinky-Nude palette (Huda Beauty New Nudes, anyone? That palette was pink as hell! Apparently that was Huda’s new nude!)

But then I had the opportunity to take a look at it in person (IRL) and it didn’t look that pink! It still has a few pinky shades, but in real life I felt like it has a very good mix of actual Nudes, neutrals of both warm and cool tones.

As a big fan of Bobbi Brown makeup, I bought this palette since it has a lot of permanent shades that I wanted to buy individually. (But their individual price is very high!)

The palette has 12 gorgeous eyeshadows ranging from ivory, champagne, rose, soft purple, copper to beige, brown, mahogany and some lovely cool tone shimmers that are still wearable on even warm skin tones. I think this is a better investment than the Huda Beauty New Nudes palette. Here’s why:

Pigmentation: Is NOT Instagram level! It’s very much easier to blend (no patchiness) and beginner-friendly too. I honestly don’t like when eyeshadows are “soooo pigmented” because the chances of getting it messy is high then. Remember though, that these don’t perform well on your arms with fingers. But they do work so beautifully and effortlessly on your eyeballs with a brush! (For shimmers I recommend you use your finger tip)

Versatility: You can create at least 5 different colour stories with this palette. The Huda Beauty New Nudes could give you only two (pink and pinky mauve) here’s some proof:

Pinky look (Antique Rose, Rich Caviar, Show Stopper)

Chocolate look (Blondie, Copper Chocolate, Mahogany)

Golden bronze look (Blondie, Champagne Toast, Metal Vision, Mahogany)


Cool tone silvery look (Blondie, Earth Metal, Rich Caviar)


Copper look (Antique Rose, Fever Dream, Mahogany)

Wearable/soft-makeup: These colours are very much wearable for everyday looks and also some glam/evening looks. The mattes work best with brushes and the shimmers/metallics work best with finger tip.

If you’re a Bobbi Brown fan and you’ve been waiting to invest in a good, versatile palette from them, this is the one for you. It has a lot of fan-favourites such as Ivory, Antique Rose, Mahogany that I always wanted to get. Hands down, my fav purchase from Bobbi Brown this year!

Hope you’re staying safe!

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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