Bobbi Brown x Morag Myerscough highlighter review

Hi beautiful people!

What a month it has been! And what a start for a year! I hope everyone is safe at home!

I made my last visit to the city yesterday to do some last minute work (that were not possible to do online) and I got this gorgeous new highlighter from Bobbi Brown on the way back!

This is THE most colourful packaging I’ve ever seen from this brand, and at first I was a bit hesitant since I love their classic black packaging (they look great on my very minimalist vanity decor these days) but as I changed my mind when I saw the swatch. I compared it in store with other shimmer bricks and highlighters they have to see if there’s a dupe within the brand, but I couldn’t find one.

I mean, look at that pan! The colour is described as a golden rose highlighter and I cannot agree more! It’s the perfect mix of gold and rose, specially for medium skin!

As a huge fan of Bobbi Brown highlighters (hands down the best! They invented the shimmer bricks, remember?) I’m so glad I have this limited edition piece in my hands now.

You can see how beautiful it is next to the other highlighters I already have:

It tends to look slightly more metallic, but on the cheeks it gives you a lovely dewy glow! It compares well with the MAC Hyper Real Glow highlighters (the last three on the bottom) in terms of the finish.

This collaboration has two lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette in addition to this highlighter. I think this adds a fun pop of colour to my otherwise neutral Bobbi Brown collection, and I’m glad the highlighter and all other products in this collection is super wearable.

What are your thoughts on this collection/collaboration? I think it adds a fun twist to this everyday makeup brand without changing its core. I know their products are not very instagram-able but I think people are loyal to this brand because it always remained wearable for everyday makeup looks. Myerscough added a different layer to the brand, but in the end, it’s still your good old Bobbi Brown that’s inside that funky design print!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


Neth Mi

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