Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner duo

Today I repurchased one of my favorite gel liners (next to Inglot no 77, which is by far the blackest liner in the world) and I went for not just one colour but two this time.

If you’re looking for a creamy and easy to apply gel liner, you have to try the Bobbi Brown liners. Apparently “Bobbi Brown” invented the gel liner (super cool, right!) so you know it’s gotta be good anyway! It’s actually awesome.

I bought this set from an airport because it was a better deal to buy both (with a free brush) and Bobbi is NOT cheap! In this set you get their two bestselling shades: Black Ink and Sepia Ink.

What I love about these liners:

  • ⁃ The creamiest formula.
  • ⁃ The easiest to apply. They just glide on
  • ⁃ Very pigmented and no caking or creasing or crumbling.
  • ⁃ Very long wearing.
  • ⁃ Easy to remove.

What could’ve been better:

  • ⁃ Price! As always the ONLY thing I don’t like about Bobbi Brown is the crazy price range. You do get your money’s worth with the quality but I just can’t help but wonder if they could bring it down a dollar or two 😂

Black Ink

Some may expect Black Ink to be as black as Inglot 77 liner, but I think this is the blackest black that looks more natural on your eyelids. If you want an extremely contrasting black liner, then avoid this and go for Inglot no 77 liner.

Sepia Ink

This is THE colour I was looking for for everyday use. Something that isn’t a chocolate brown or a black. Sepia ink is a greyish brown that gives you a perfect shadowy liner effect. A liner that suits any occasion, specially a bridal if you like something simple and elegant. I personally prefer this shade over black for brides as it gives a softer appearance to your eyes. Your mascara/lashes will be more visible over this liner too.

The set comes with a mini brush and as all Bobbi Brown products it is of excellence quality. These three items have become staples in my everyday makeup bag!

What other products do you want me to try from Bobbi Brown? Let me know in the comments


Neth Mi

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