Spa Ceylon Virgin Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner review

Hi Beauties,

A few days ago I received two haircare products from Spa Ceylon as a part of their hair care campaign, so today I’m giving you my review and thoughts on these two items with a discount code for 25% off which you can use within the next 7 days (between 9th November till 15th November 2019) on their website

If you follow me on my Instagram, you know that I love anything that smells like coconuts! And this shampoo and conditioner smells soooo deliciously coconut-y in the most natural way. (You know sometimes how some cosmetics have a very artificial coconut fragrance? This isn’t like that. It smells good. It smells real!)

The Shampoo

To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the shampoo, since a lot of ayurvedic/herbal shampoos leave my hair either lifeless or extremely frizzy. And most of the time those shampoos don’t do a good cleanse on my hair. Because I use a lot of products on my hair such as hair sprays, heat protectants, dry shampoos and dry oils, there’s always a lot of build-up on my hair strands, so I definitely need a through cleanse during shower. To my pleasant surprise, this shampoo cleaned my hair really well without leaving it dry and lifeless.

The Conditioner

I love conditioner! As I’ve bleached my hair a LOT, I need a LOT of conditioner! This one did a beautiful job locking in that moisture my hair desperately needed. I applied a generous scoop of conditioner on damp hair (not dripping! I always squeeze out excess water before applying the conditioner) and left it for 2-3 minutes, then rinsed well. This left my hair really soft and smooth

The Result

Using both of these products left my hair looking full, smooth and soft. I have naturally straight hair, but because of the damage caused by the bleach it has some texture now. I was really happy to see my looking a little bit smoother than on other days after using this duo. I haven’t tried any of their other haircare products, but I’m very impressed by these two! They have a huge range of hair and body care products, so don’t forget to checkout their website for more!

Also, use my code Neth25 for 25% your purchase between 9th November till 15th November 2019!

Happy shopping!


Neth Mi

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