KKW Beauty: Mrs.West Collection swatches

Hi Beauties, I’m going to share the swatches of Mrs. West Collection by KKW BEAUTY today. This collection was launched in May for Kim’s 5th wedding anniversary and everything was limited edition, so as you may have guessed, everything was sold out within minutes! I was super lucky to get the whole set (without the lipgloss because I don’t enjoy their lip gloss formula) individually (the bundle was the first to sell out) but their shipping took forever to reach my destination, hence why I’m doing my review almost 3 months later.

I was contemplating on doing this swatch post as everything except the lipstick is sold out currently on their website, and they’re not going to do a restock. But in case you didn’t buy, let’s see if you missed out on a good collection and if you did, I’ll also see if there’re any dupes you can match with these.

First off, the outside packaging is absolutely beautiful with Kim’s own wedding photos (I think I’ll keep these anyway) and the actual packaging of the product is her signature simple-of-the-simplest style in cream shade. The blush, highlighter and the lipstick are encased in gorgeous frosted plastic, while the eyeshadow palette is in creme colored magnetized cardboard.

Let’s check the actual products’ performances now

Mrs. West Eyeshadow Palette

The shades are actually very bridal-type, specially if you love the western bridal makeup (compared to Asian, Indian and Sri Lankan brides) The shadows are very soft and blend nicely and harmoniously with each other. My only concern is that the two metallic shades tend to look a little similar when you apply them.

Flower Wall Blush

I love these names, and this blush was named after Kanye’s infamous flower wall for Kim (he did this many times if I’m not mistaken) It’s a very pretty soft warm-toned pink that’s perfect for a bride, but I doubt this will show up on tan to dark skin tones. Kim herself gets pretty tanned sometimes, so I wish there was an option for deeper skin tones.

Forever Highlighter

I love Kim’s highlighters and this is no exception. It looks very metallic but if you’re careful, you can customize from sheen to shine easily. I use a small fan brush for intense application, or a soft fluffy brush for an ethereal glow.

Love Lipstick and Lip Liner

Kim’s creme lipsticks are another favorite of mine. They’re literally the creamiest in the world and they’re very opaque and comfortable on the lips. This lipstick shade is a gorgeous peachy-pink nude with a hint of coral and the liner is a richer more brownish nude. Together they make a beautiful pair for your lips.

I’m wondering how this whole collection would look on very deep skin tones, even though there were some models in the campaign. If you’re very fair to medium/tan, you can definitely wear everything from this collection. And in case you missed it, here are some dupes I found:

They’re not exact dupes, but they’re close enough that no one would actually notice! I’m pretty sure that KKW Beauty will have a dupe lipliner too, but for now MAC’s infamous Cork lipliner is identical to Love Lipliner. I couldn’t find a dupe for the eyeshadow “May 24th”, but in case you missed out the eyeshadow palette, you can use your other KKW Beauty eyeshadow palettes to create a similar look you’d get from this palette.

I’ll be doing a video soon on my YouTube channel: nmstylefolder with these products (will be recreating Kim’s wedding makeup) so stay tuned to my channel

I hope this post helped you!

Let me know your thoughts…


Neth Mi

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