#projectpan19 June update

Another month came to an end and it’s time for my #projectpan update for June. This time I will include my favorites and not-so-favorites of the month too.

Here’s a complete list of products I used regularly in June:



  • The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash
  • Tatcha The Essence
  • Farsali Rose Gold Elixir
  • Neutrogena SPF 50+ Sunscreen


  • Soap & Glory Total Drama Clean Micellar Water
  • The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner
  • Tatcha The Essence
  • Tatcha Silk Cream


  • Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation “045 Sable Beige”
  • MAC Studio Fix Concealer + Prep Prime Highlighter Pen “Bright Forecast”
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder “Medium 2”
  • Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzer (Mini) “Shady Biz”
  • MAC Powder Blush “Melba”
  • MAC Strobe Cream “Pinklite”
  • Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift “Brooke S”
  • ABH single eyeshadows “Birkin”, “Streak”
  • Golden Rose Lash Plumping mascara (new)
  • MAC Whirl lipliner
  • ABH Lip Gloss “Pink Daiquiri” limited edition

I had no problems with the skincare products I was using this month, but there were some makeup products that I switched up mid-month.

I realized that the Lancôme foundation is a tad bit too light for me now because of my tan. It matches my face perfectly well, but the rest of my body is like 1 shade darker, so I ended up switching it to Fenty Beauty Match Stix in the shade “Wheat”. This was supposed to be a concealer, but it used to crease so much under my eyes that I stopped using it at all.

Recently while I was doing a declutter on my makeup cupboard I discovered it back and now I wear this as my daily stick foundation. The match is perfect to my current skin tone. Also, this serves the purpose of #projectpan because this has been lying there for too long without much use.

I’ve got married to my MAC Studio Fix Concealer & Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen for life. The only 2 products that don’t crease under my eyes, they give the perfect coverage with a brightening effect without looking unnatural. I think my Highlighter Pen is finishing quite soon (it’s dispensing less product now) so I ordered two back ups because I get a little crazy like that haha!

So, speaking about Fenty Beauty, I think I’m a little underwhelmed by this Sun Stalk’r bronzer now. I was super in love with it when I first got it that I used it non-stop every day, but now I just don’t like it. My dislike seems to be unfair, because it still looks good on me, but may be I’m just bored. So I decided to give it a break and go back to my favorite Kiko Milano Flawless Fusion Bronzer no 2 from today onwards.

The MAC Melba blush is the best shade for me, I think. It’s the perfect balance of peach and pink. I loved it so much this month, and I can finally see a small dent in the pan. Sadly, I’ll be getting a new blush from Bobbi Brown for next month (will talk about that soon!) but I think I’ll always come back to Melba till I pan it.

I was getting really tired of every highlighter looking glittery on me (yes, every single one! May be I’m getting vampire eyesight, but I can always notice micro glitter particles of each highlighter I apply on my cheekbones and it’s not flattering) They also emphasize the textures of my skin, except for the KKW powder highlights from the contour palette. But the palette is too big to carry with my other stuff, so I ended up switching back to MAC Strobe Cream. Finally, I’m happy! It gives me that lit-from-within glow. I use pinklite and I luuuuuuurve how it looks on me.

I wasn’t very happy with the CT Brow Lift earlier, but I started to like it more this month and I was using it everyday instead of the Nars Brow Definer. I might continue it in July too.

The ABH single eyeshadows are soooooo good. I used them almost everyday except on days that I wanted a small change. The shade Streak is an absolutely gorgeous dull gold for everyday wear, and I used it a lot on my clients too. However, in July I plan to retire these singles and dig in to my Electric Wonder palette, which is also great for everyday.

I think my fav lipliner of all-time is Whirl by MAC. Remember those days (pre-Kylie Cosmetics era) people to rushed to the MAC counter to get Whirl lipstick and lipliner, because it was assumed that Kylie Jenner loved it? I bought this one during those days (before I knew it was all lip fillers, not lip liner on Kylie lol) but I’m so glad I did. It adds the perfect contour to my lips and work well with so many nude/pink lipsticks I own.

The CT powder has a small update. I use this only under my eyes now because again, as I have got a tan, the shade is too light to use all over my face. The pan is larger obviously because I use it everyday. I’m assuming I’ll finish this completely by the end of this year.

ABH’s Pink Daiquiri will always be my favorite lip gloss it seems (bye, Fenty Gloss Bomb!) This one is super lightweight and gives the most juiciest finish on my lips. The shimmer is visible, but it’s very pretty and doesn’t enhance the lines on my lips. I’ve finished about 1.5cm of product from the tube by now.

From my clients’ makeup kit I’ve hit pan on a few shadows in ABH Soft Glam palette. I’ve literally like finished the shade “Tempera”, half way down “Burnt Orange” and “Cyprus Umber” and yesterday hit a baby pan on the shade “Rustic”


So I finished my L’Oreal Absolu Repair shampoo this month, and since I got a new hair cut (I admit, I was inspired by this (probably a wig) short hairstyle of Kim K.W. my hairstylist gave me this Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner.

So that’s my update from the Month of June, guys. Which products did you enjoy more this month? Let me know in the comments…

Thanks a lot for stopping by


Neth Mi

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