NARS- For the love of “Matcha”

Who else loves Matcha?

Actually, more than the tea, I love Matcha flavored Kit Kat and the cream puffs from Beard Papa’s with Matcha filling!

(Photo: @dinerbarnyc)

I also love Matcha on my eyes!

So this is Matcha by NARS. It’s a new shade they brought out for this year’s spring.

This is a matte finish single eyeshadow that retails for US$ 19.00 I know! The price is quite up there for a single eyeshadow that has only 1.1g butttttttttt I believe this is a beautiful and a unique shade. I’m pretty sure there are dupes for this for a cheaper price, but I love NARS formula, specially the new reformulated one.

The eyeshadow is quite pigmented and vibrant. It’s a light Moss green with a warm undertone, and it’s perfect for this festival season!

In the picture above, I’ve paired Matcha with the NARS Exposed Cheek Palette‘s New Fling blush as an eyeshadow.

I know it’s pricey… but it’s a very beautiful shade. You can also pop the pan out of the container and put a refill later.

What are your thoughts on this colour?

Let me know


Neth Mi

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