Fenty Beauty Spring 2019- Unlocked Stunna Lip Paint

For this Spring, Fenty Beauty released 3 new Stunna Lip Paints. I have all 5 previous Stunnas, but this time around I wanted to save up some money so I bought only one shade: Unlocked.


As you can see from the picture above, “Unlocked” is pretty bright. Actually, bright is an understatement! You can scroll down to see it on my lips, but before that, what are those other things doing in this picture?

So all of those are my some of birthday gifts! Unlocked is a gift from me to me! (Those two Potter books were missing in my collection, so I’m glad I got them this year to complete it. And I always wanted the “Black Rose” candle from “Urban Island” so I got a lot of useful gifts this birthday!


Also, how cool are those lemon earrings? I think bought them from MANGO in Istanbul.

Here are some comparison swatches for you… All these lipsticks are my picks for #projectpan2019 – May edition.


The Stunna Lip Paint Formula: Is very watery (similar to Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes) but has a tendency to bleed out easily. It’s recommended to use a lip liner specially when wearing brights like Unlocked so that the lipstick will not bleed around your mouth. It also takes a little longer than it appears to completely dry, so make sure to check your teeth if it has bled in there too (had a horrible incident of lipstick on my teeth) It’s a lot more comfortable than most liquid lipsticks in the market.

Wear-time: Is slightly lower than Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, but Unlocked lasted for about 6-7 hours without any touch-ups. Make sure you scrub your lips well before application for a smooth look. It doesn’t cake-up or crease or enhance your lines on the lips, but prep is important for any kind of liquid lipstick.

Even though Stunna is one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks, I’m still a bit on the fence for them because of the bleeding issue. The colour is absolutely stunning, but it’s not for the faint hearts.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday!

More posts to come…

Stay tuned


Neth Mi

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  1. That shade is absolutely stunning on you!!

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  2. OMG that pigment!!!

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