A winter-valentines at Uludag, Turkey

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry I was a little absent here for a while (I do have a lot of posts lined up to share here!) and let’s get straight to the post for today… it’s a little different from my other posts, but I hope you’ll find this informative anyway…

Last week my husband and I went to the snowy mountains in Uludag, Turkey. He had this planned for so many months because we wanted to spend our valentines this year with snow. I’ve been to uludag before (about 3 years ago) in December, but unfortunately there was no snow at that time.

(Above picture was taken on 23rd December 2015)

(This picture was taken on 13th February 2019 on the same spot.)

February is like the best time to visit Uludag, but since it’s the peak of the season, everything is a little expensive. This time we stayed in Kaya Uludag, which was an all inclusive luxury hotel. Our stay was limited to 2 nights, 3 days because of work and other personal matters, but unless you enjoy skiing I think this time span is enough for a short and sweet snow holiday.

The weekends are obviously more expensive & crowded, so we were lucky that Valentine’s Day fell on a Thursday.

Where is Uludag located?

Uludag is a large mountain in the province of Bursa in Turkey. The word “uludag” means great mountain, and it’s around 2543m high from sea level.

This is a popular winter destination among Turks and Europeans alike. The temperature up in the peak was between -6 and -8 while I was there this time with heavy snow falls throughout the day.

At the near top of the mountain are a few luxury hotels and a teeny tiny market a few hundred meters away.

The drive from the city of Bursa to the mountain is very scenic. This time it was a real winter wonderland with snowcapped pine trees in the winding road. It’s about an hour’s ride from Bursa to the top of the mountains (can take longer depending on the snow/ice levels on the road)

On the Valentines Day, my husband and I went on the snowmobile ride and it was quite fun and unforgettable! Since we both have never skied we thought of doing that in the next winter.

We rented our outfits and the ride for around 700 Turkish liras for both of us (they let us keep the gloves)

The ride was done in the uludag park and we stopped to take a couple of pictures and a warm cup of Turkish tea. It was freezing cold but honestly was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.

Our hotel Kaya Uludag also has snowmobile rides and skiing but we found it to be cheaper to do them from outside.

For the Valentines Day they also gave us handmade artisanal chocolates. The dinner was quite splendid too!

The trip to Uludag was one of my favorites I’ve done with my husband. I wish I took more photos but it was freezing outside and our ride guide said the iPhone tends to freeze in that temperature. You can still check my stories on my Instagram (@nmstylefolder)

How did you spend your Valentines this year?


Neth Mi

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