Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit – Unlocked first impressions

My first makeup purchase of 2019 is the most expensive one I’ve ever done for a single product. It’s the 2018 Holiday release from Hourglass Cosmetics: Ambient Lighting Edit- Unlocked.

For years I had been checking out Hourglass face products but the steep price tag pushed me off every time I was at a Sephora. This palette was released months ago, but it actually gave me enough time to do my research well before splurging on it.

This time I had no chance of testing it at a Sephora, so I had to solely rely on online reviews. My only concern was whether it would be too light for my skin-tone.

I find it very difficult to find the right type of face products for my skin tone because most of the time they are either too light or too dark. For example, I was still looking for that perfect bronzer shade for me (NARS Casino turned out to be too red. NARS Laguna turned out to be too muddy, CT Filmstar Bronze & Glow medium/dark is too dark and it’s light/medium one is too light!) Even with blushes, I tend to lean more towards warm, peachy blushes that doesn’t have a contrast with my golden undertones.

I’m very pleased to say that these colours look perfect on me! Every single colour!

The palette has 6 different shades for various purposes. Each pan has 1.4 g of product

Price: US$ 80.00 (Approx. LKR 15,500.00 but with delivery and everything I spent 17,500.00)

I did tutorial using this palette, which you can watch below:


You can see that in the video the shades look very pretty on my skin tone, and this bronzer is the perfect shade too.

Wear time: Every shade lasted around 10 hours on me (without fixing spray!) and the blush started to fade off from there. These look absolutely beautiful in natural day light. It’s perfect for Sri Lankan sun light because these powders look very soft and smooth on the skin.

Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and hope to make good use of this palette every day!

Thank you for stopping by!


Neth Mi

3 responses to “Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit – Unlocked first impressions”

  1. Jeniffer Harish Avatar
    Jeniffer Harish

    Beautiful worded🙌🏽♥️

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  2. I love that palette. I’ll have to try it sometime soon. This was a nice post.

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