Spa Ceylon “Royal Artistry” Cosmetics review

I have amazing news for you ladies because Spa Ceylon launched their cosmetics collection “Royal Artistry” last night! There was an exclusive preview for ladies where we got to swatch and test all the products along with some delicious cocktails. I also got to take a picture on this beautiful throne (a replica of a real Ceylonese King’s throne)

They already had their lip balms and their Kajal Eyeliner, but this time they have 5 new products added to “Royal Artistry” collection:

  • Mineral Two Way Cake (LKR 4800.00)
  • Mineralized Blush-on (LKR 3900.00)
  • Mineral Face Powder (LKR 3900.00)
  • Ceylon Clove Natural Lipstick (LKR 2900.00)
  • Mineralized Eyeshadow Palette (LKR 4200.00)

They were generous enough to give us a lipstick and a customized eyeshadow palette to test, but I also went ahead and bought one of the blush-ons and the Kajal Eyeliner to do a complete look.

I had little time to test everything, but I can tell you that I’m in LOVE with the lipsticks and the blush-on!

Ceylon Clove Natural Lipstick

Here is a quick swatch post of the lipsticks. They’re very creamy and VERY pigmented so all you need is just one swipe for maximum opacity. They feel very comfortable on the lips too, and the finish is a velvet-looking matte that I personally love for lips! This lipstick has SPF 10+ too. My favourite shade is no 15 (bottom row, 2nd swatch from left)

Mineralized Blush-on

Here’s another quick swatch post of the blushes. I love how pigmented these are! And now that I’m wearing it today I can say they’re very long lasting! The powder is buttery and blends beautifully too. Be careful with application because a little goes a long way!

Moving on to the other 3 categories, I think they will need some improvement with the eyeshadows, but I managed to find the best pigmented 5 for my palette:


Some of the colourful eyeshadows didn’t have enough pigment to show up on the skin, but the shades I picked show up beautifully and blend well on the eyes with brushes or with fingertips. I didn’t have enough time to check the face powder and the Two Way Cake, but I think they will need to expand the colour range to suit our beautiful tan skin tones in the future. For a start up though, I can give them a thumbs-up!


The coolest thing about the whole collection was the packaging. Spa Ceylon is known for their vibrant Ceylonese motifs and this time you can pick and choose the colour and motif for the powder products! The lipsticks have matching colours for the lip colour of the tube too. The palettes feel heavy and luxurious. 10/10 for packaging as always for Spa Ceylon!


Head over to my IGTV to check a mini tutorial I did using all 4 products I got from last night!

I might probably buy a couple more lipstick colours soon!

Hope you enjoyed this mini review!

Have a great day!


Neth Mi


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