MAC Studio Fix extended family!

Hey all,

In my last post I told you that I bought a few items from the MAC Studio Fix family they extended recently. Today I’m gonna sit down and give my thoughts on these products because I’ve been playing with them for close to 2 weeks now!


First of all, let’s see what MAC has in their Studio Fix family:

  • Studio Fix Fluid Foundation SPF 15 (60 shades! Take that, Rihanna! This foundation does NOT oxidize like the Fenty Pro Filt’r! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fenty foundation but it’s such a pain to find the correct colour!)
  • Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (53 shades! I’ve been a loyal member of this one for nearly 4 years now)
  • Studio Fix 24 hour Smooth Wear Concealer (33 shades! The newest addition! Love it! Scroll down to see more!)
  • Studio Fix Perfecting Powder (9 shades. Loose Powder that I need to try once I finish my Kat Von D Lock it Powder!)
  • Studio Fix Sculpt & Shape Contouring Palette (2 variations. I’ve got both!)
  • Studio Fix Perfecting Stick (16 shades. This one is water resistant. Need to try this one next time!)
  • Prep + Prime Fix + (7 variations. My favorites are Original and Rose scented. They also come in Lavender, Coconut, Matte, Goldlite and Pinklite)

So out of this family I haven’t tried only 2 members yet. And I’ve done a full review on Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer

IMG_1203 2

I’m always up for a new concealer because this is the one thing I absolutely cannot live without, thanks to my genetic dark circles! So far, I’ve only found a handful of concealers that can cover them completely without drying my skin and creasing like a 60-year-old. Some of my favorites are:

What I expect from a good concealer is…

Coverage: lots of it! I need full coverage without having to apply a colour corrector because I already spend way too much time doing my eye makeup in the morning! The Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer delivers this perfectly! It’s not super full coverage like Huda Beauty Overachiever. This is literally the more concentrated version of the infamous Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and that’s amazing because we all love that product so much!


The thinner, the better: Yes, this is a lot thinner than MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer, definitely a lot more than Overachiever without compromising on the pigmentation and the consistency. Studio Fix Concealer dries quite fast, which is great because that’s a key indicator that this is long lasting.

Versatile application: You can use a brush (MAC 286 to lightly whip this under your eyes) or sponge (you will need more product) or your fingers (the best option in my opinion because the warmth of your fingers melt the liquid to the right consistency and stays put!

Long wear-time without turning ashy: I bought NC44 (slightly tan for my NC40 face) but it didn’t get ashy without a colour corrector! I usually bake with my Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder (shade: Banana Bread) so it brightens up anyway. Even though it looks darker than my foundation shade, it actually helps elevate the natural dark circles under my eyes without a corrector. I tested this before buying so you shouldn’t buy the darker shade just because it works for me. Also, you don’t have to bake or set this if you have very dry skin. On drier days I just lightly sweep some MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural over this and it stays bulletproof the whole day!

Price: US$22.00 (7ml Shelf life once opened is 6 months)

This has quickly become my go-to concealer for busy days. I love it and if you love MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, you’d love this one too!

Studio Fix Sculpt & Shape Contouring Palettes


These powders are all available for individual purchase (US$ 17.00 each) but I think if you’re a makeup artist, buying these two palettes are so worth it! You can always go for the refill later.

Price: US$ 39.50 each palette


Let’s be honest, this palette is not for beginners or amateur makeup artists. I’m still learning how to use the shaping powders right because they need precision application unlike your mainstream brightening powders. A little too much of the shaping powders (the top 3 on each palette) will bring a disaster to your overall look. The sculpting powders (the bottom 3 on each palette) require less work but more patience and a light hand because they’re very pigmented. All of that being said, you can create the most beautiful and natural contouring on someone’s face with these powders.

I don’t recommend these palettes unless you’re a professional makeup artist. If you’re just a blogger or a makeup junkie, stick to their bronzers and your other favorite contour powders (NYX one is amazing for beginners!) But if you’re a Pro MUA, these palettes are a must have for your kit!

I love both of these extensions to the MAC Studio Fix family! What are your thoughts?


Neth Mi


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    Love that you’ve included the shelf life after opening!

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