MAC Holiday 2018: Shiny Pretty Things

MAC is famous for its end-of-the-year holiday makeup releases, which they have been doing for a really long time, wayyyy before a lot of new brands started popping up everyday with the growth of social media. These MAC Holiday releases were always exciting, but recently I feel like the excitement sort of died down because of the heavy competition for innovation, packaging and inclusivity.

Last year I bought the Snowball lip set, which was an instant hit (and sold out everywhere) within minutes (read the post here) and honestly this year’s collection looked impressive to me more than last year’s. The packaging this time is simpler though. I feel like the product quality had improved comparatively.

I was planning to buy a few items, but they weren’t available yet in both Vietnam and Thailand, so I ended up with only one item I bought from Sri Lankan airport. This was actually an impulse buy, because when i swatched it I immediately fell in love with the formula.

The collection is called “Shiny Pretty Things”, and I bought the face compact for medium/dark skin tones. It was the last palette in stock so I had to buy it! Honestly I’m glad I did!


Here is the palette in all its glory. It’s so so beautiful I couldn’t stop staring at it. This is my first Extra Dimension face product purchase (I only have 2 eyeshadows)  and I think I should invest more in this formula. The colours are unfortunately limited edition, but I’m sure I can find dupes within MAC (except for the bronzer, I think)


All shades performed so easily and blended so beautifully. It’s a dream come true, specially for someone who loves glowing makeup. The shades compliment each other really well, and they’re suitable for medium/dark skintones. If you have warm, tan skin, the blush would look very natural and pretty on you. I was having a hard time these days choosing a blush to suit my tan, and this blush is perfect for me.

Price: US$ 39.50 (It was US$ 40.00 at BIA)

Here I am wearing all three shades on my cheeks:


I’m also wearing my #projectpan products in this picture. Read more about that from here.

I definitely recommend this palette for anyone who loves warm, glowing makeup. There is one for cool tone/ fair to light skin tones too so don’t forget to check out both palettes soon. They might sell out faster than you’d think! What did you pick up this time for holidays? Let me know…


Neth Mi

3 responses to “MAC Holiday 2018: Shiny Pretty Things”

  1. […] MAC Shiny Pretty Things Face Compact (again, this is a recent purchase but I just love how the colours work on my skin. This is limited edition, but MAC will always release face palettes for holidays and hopefully I’ll finish this by next season!) […]


  2. Great review! I love the packaging, it’s so pretty!!

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    1. Thank you so much.. yes love the packaging! The product is beautiful too x

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