Fenty Beauty Diamond Collection review

Last week I received the Fenty Beauty Diamond Collection (it has only two pieces) because they were sold out for a looooong time. Getting makeup down to Sri Lanka is a task so I get to review everything quite late, unfortunately. Anyway, let’s hop in to the review…

So I had enough time to play with these two babies. Fenty is one of my favorite brands. I think their products are always so unique and RiRi never fails to impress the beauty community.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlight: How many carats?

I already have 2 of their Killawatt Duo Highlighters (from the Beach Please Collection) and I love that formula. But this one is UNREAL! It’s more like a crystal top coat or a shimmer veil. So it’s not your typical cheek bone highlighter, even though you can definitely put this on your cheekbones. You can put this anywhere you want! The shimmer is out of the world, TBH!

Remember Edward Cullen from Twilight, when he stepped out into the sun? This is exactly how it looks like! As if your skin is made of a billion diamond facets. It’s absolutely phenomenal. You can have your own Twilight/Vampire-in-the-sun moment with this!

The camera doesn’t do enough justice, but I took a picture of all swatches. You can see side by side comparison with their other highlighter (Sandcastle/Mint’d Mojito Duo)

I love using this on my eyes too.

(I’m wearing How Many Carats? on my eyelids here)

The Gloss Bomb: Diamond Milk

Fenty’s first ever lip product, the Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow is my favorite lipgloss ever, because it super hydrating, non-sticky and lasts a really impressive time with a beautiful hint of colour. It’s so beautiful on its own too. Diamond Milk is much more cooler and has an icy hint to it, but it is still wearable without making you look sick. As a very tan person, I can’t wear this on its own, but when either dab a little bit on the center or over another colour it looks as stunning as Fenty Glow. The formula is the same, just a milky shade!

Overall thoughts: So glad I picked up both products. If you had to pick only one, go for the highlighter though, because I still prefer Fenty Glow over Diamond Milk. If you’re a makeup artist, you need both items in your kit! They’re very unique and will sell out fast again!

Happy weekend!


Neth Mi

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  1. […] and a single. They are all ah-mazing! My favorite duo is Sandcastle/Mint’d Mojito and the Diamond Bomb is just out of the world! Favorites, […]


  2. U look so pretty in this ?


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