ColourPop No Filter Foundation, Concealer & Loose Powder review

Hey everyone,

It’s time to finally put my thoughts down on ColourPop No Filter range… The only product I don’t have from this range is their pressed powder, but I have all other products so let’s dig in…

No Filter Concealer

The first product they released was the No Filter Concealer, sometime back in 2017. They released around 15 shades back then, but this year they released a complete collection of 30 shades (renamed the previous 15) and I couldn’t get any of the new shades yet. However, I have 9 from the first launch…

The picture below shows swatches of the new release. My best match is Medium 28 (used to be Medium 30)


This concealer is honestly out of the world for the price you pay. It’s creamy, full coverage yet gives a natural skin-like finish and blends like a dream. For US$ 6.00, this is ridiculously good. I use this as a foundation on me sometimes, and it works so well on my dry skin too.

I had a small issue with 3 colours (from 2017 release) where they turned the undertone to a peachy, cool one (on previous 20, 30 & 40 they all had warm, golden undertones) My friends had no issue as such, even though a couple of my IG followers said they faced the same problem. My guess is a bad batch, because majority of people didn’t have this problem. Since my friend had bought those shades from the new release and hers didn’t change colour, I’m totally fine to repurchase these.

No Filter Foundation

I was super excited to see them finally launch the mother to their Concealers, and in 42 shades! (I think Fenty Beauty really raised the inclusion bar with their foundation release last year and every brand is now trying to compete, which is a good thing!)

When I tried to colour match the foundation, I found that 115 was my best match. It’s slightly lighter on my skin these days because I’ve still got that tan from my Thai trip in March 🙈 (I tan easily and it takes about a year for me to go back to my original skin tone)

Packaging: Is kinda smaller than I expected. It’s cute, and I love that it comes with a pump that you can lock. But you get only 25ml of product (when I compare with L’Oréal True Match, it has 30ml of product and retails for around US$ 10.00)

Price: US$ 12.00

Formula: Is slightly runny. It gives a medium coverage and dries down a bit slower than their Concealers. At first it looks quite dewy but once it’s completely dry it looks super matte and I felt like it was kind of pulling my skin ever so slightly to keep it tight and dry. In about 3 hours (without any setting sprays) it looked less matte (I have very dry skin) and after about 6-7 hours it looked more velvet/satin than before.

Overall thoughts: I’m not head over heels on this foundation. It’s not as amazing as the concealer, but it’s not a bad foundation either. I have very mixed feelings about this foundation. I tried mixing it with MAC Strobe Cream but it didn’t work like I expected. I’m very picky with foundations since I’m hooked on to my NARS Sheer Glow (gives the most beautiful natural dewy finish ever, and the coverage is very impressive) if you’re wondering whether to buy this or not, I would suggest you to skip it and go for the concealer instead. You can still use the concealer as a foundation (with a BeautyBlender)

No Filter Loose Powder

There are 3 shades in the Loose Powder range, and I bought the shade Banana. (I use only translucent powder, so I thought Banana would be a good addition to my tan skin clients)

Packaging: Tiny and cute, very ColourPop! You get only 8g of product. It can get very messy if you travel a lot since there’s no way to lock the sifter.

Price: US$ 9.00

This powder is very soft and has a brightening yellow hue to it. It’s easy to work with & great to bake your under eyes or anywhere that needs extra powder. It doesn’t leave a yellow cast, though I wouldn’t suggest the shade banana for very light skin tones.

Overall thoughts: I like this powder. I used it a few times and the more I use it, the more I love it. I will finish it quite soon because you need quite a lot of powder to bake and this has only 8g in total. If you’re looking for an affordable powder then I recommend this one for you

From this No Filter range, I recommend the Concealer and the Loose Powder without a doubt!

Hope this review helps you

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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