Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder review

Huda Beauty released EIGHT different baking powders a couple of weeks ago… Yes, EIGHT! Talk about being inclusive… I’m so happy to see makeup brands making their product lines more inclusive everyday. Being a makeup artist in Sri Lanka, where majority of my clients have tan to deep skin tones I struggle a lot with finding the right under tone + shade for darker and sometimes even medium (olive) skin tones. However, I wanted to test one shade first since her products are not very cheap.

The shade I ordered is “Blondie”

“Suitable for light, medium and tan skin tones. Golden undertones brighten, while pink undertones disguise under-eye darkness”


I watch Huda Boss every week on Facebook and I had seen how much she worked for the Easy Bake campaign. I love that the box looks like a cake box (honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed this though, if Huda didn’t mention it in Huda Boss) It’s a simple box with instructions inside on how to use the powder.

The powder container is slim and boxy, has a nice weight to it.

You get: 20g of product

Price: £ 29.00 (

I love that it’s slim and sleek, it has a lid to prevent any excess powder coming through the sieve, but at the same time it’s hard to get a lot of powder through the sieve when you want to, because in order to bake, you need a LOT.

As a setting powder:

The powder is super finely milled and applies beautifully on the skin (I use a Real Technique Setting Brush) but disappears fast if you apply a little, although this helps setting the under eyes into a creaseless finish. This is a great loose powder to set your under eyes without baking, if you can afford it! Since it’s really soft and pigmented, you can sweep this all over your face as a setting powder too.

As a baking powder:

To bake your under eyes, you need a lot of powder. I find it difficult to get a lot of powder through the sieve. I have to keep toppling the container and tap on the bottom a few times to get some powder out, and that bothers me a lot because I’m always in a rush to apply my makeup. But once you get a decent amount to bake (I bake only for 3-5 minutes since I have dry skin) it does a very good job.

Now let’s talk about the scent. We all know it. It’s overwhelming. Why does Huda put this extremely overwhelming rose scent into her face products??? I find it absolutely unnecessary, and this is something to keep in mind if you have sensitive skin. I didn’t have a huge issue with the foundation’s scent, but since you have to pack up a lot of powder to bake, the scent lingers a lot longer and I can’t stand it!

How it wore throughout the day:

It kept my under eyes smooth throughout the day when I baked, but since I have a lot of fine lines, just setting my under eyes never work with any powders. So I have to bake everyday. This powder wore well throughout the day. I give 10/10 for that!

Overall thoughts:

I like this powder. It’s not groundbreaking. It’s not out of the world, but it’s pretty decent. I like the colour range (thought I only have one, I’ve seen the reviews on YouTube) Blondie is a nice shade for anyone between NC35-NC42 if you want your under eyes to look naturally light (I’m not into super bright under eyes)

I hate the scent and I’m not too crazy about the packaging, but overall I love how fine and soft the powder is. Since I have dry skin, I love powders that melt into my skin, and this does it. I would definitely repurchase this.

If you’re looking for a good baking powder for your under eyes, I recommend this one for you.

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8 responses to “Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder review”

  1. She didn’t work for it as much as completely rip off an indie brand.


  2. Nice post! I like how you talked about it in both terms; a setting and a baking powder. I also post beauty related posts. Check them out!
    Gabriella W |


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  5. […] sounds quite pricey, but you DO get a lot of product in this, and it’s cheaper than Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder (around LKR 340.00 per gram) I like to set my whole face very lightly with this powder using the […]


  6. Makeup with Mollie Avatar
    Makeup with Mollie

    great post! I mentioned this product on my latest post, check it out! would mean a lot. Thank you x


  7. I have this in the shade Kunafe..too yellow but I love it


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