First Impressions: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette

Hey all!

I’m sure you remember my review on the first Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette (if you don’t, you can read it here) and to keep it brief, I did NOT like it. I thought it was not worth the hype because some of the textured shadows didn’t swatch at all and the packaging wasn’t sturdy enough for the high price tag. A lot of bloggers loved the palette and a similar number of people hated/disliked it (including myself)

Good thing about Huda Beauty is that they listen to their consumers. You could see this immediately with her next palette Desert Dusk (review here) where she added a mirror, made a sturdier and more attractive packaging and the “textured” shadows were removed entirely (save for one messy pure glitter shade)

A couple months back Huda Kattan announced she was remastering the Rose Gold palette, and this news kind of shook the Instagram beauty community. Again, some loved the idea and a lot of people (including myself, again) felt frustrated for paying a LOT for a failed/dissatisfying palette in the first hand. Whoever enjoyed the first palette didn’t complain much.

When asked by my followers on my Instagram, I told them I’d only buy it if I see it physically (like how I bought the Desert Dusk palette) and a couple days ago I saw it and I thought of getting the remastered palette for myself.

I don’t have the first Rose Gold palette with me to compare it physically, side by side… but I have a picture (reposting from the review) for you to see:


(Huda Beauty Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow palette- released in 2016)

So here’s the remastered palette in all its glory:

IMG_3972 copy

Here are the swatches of Remastered palette:


What’s different from Textured palette?

Basically, all the textured shadows are now reformulated into “melted metals” and there’s one pressed pearl and the rest are mattes. Couple of shades are completely different this time.

  • The shade “Bae” and has completely changed to a champagne shimmer “Bubbly”, which is a true champagne shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous!
  • “Bossy” has now changed to “Risque”, and it’s slightly lighter and more pink.
  • “Flamingo” has changed to “Doll Face”, and there’s only a very noticeable difference on this one.
  • “Shy” is now “Demure”, and it’s slightly darker than Shy.
  • The shade “Angelic” is also gone, and now it’s “Pink Diamond”, which is Oh-my-gawd-so-stunning !!!

The Melted Metals:

The melted metals, aka the new textured shadows are a dream come true! The chunkiness is completely replaced by buttery velvet shimmer goodness! They feel slightly wet, specially Pink Diamond (feel similar to Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows) The only downside is they’re still not that pigmented when you apply with a brush, even if you wet them. It’s still best to apply them with your fingers, or a sponge-tip applicator. That way, they look so beautiful!

The Mattes:

The mattes on the other side work better with brushes. The finger swatches are kinda dry and faint but they apply so nicely with brushes.

Overall, I’m fully satisfied with this remastered palette! If you liked the first one, you’ll definitely like this one too…

Thank you for stopping by!


Neth Mi





9 responses to “First Impressions: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette”

  1. The remastered palette sounds amazing! Those melted metals would be a dream come true after the old textured formula. I will have to add this to my wishlist 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it truly is a dream come true for me! I love shimmers anyway this is so much easier to use than the old palette… you’ll still need the fingertips to apply though

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. I really want to buy this palette and even more so after reading this!

    Lucinda x


    1. Its a lovely palette you’d definitely love it!


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  6. I just got it today…still drooling..


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