Worth the hype? Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

I finally decided to buy the super hyped (well, last year… but still 🙈) Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette last week. May be it’s because I didn’t bring enough eyeshadow palettes to Turkey with me, or may be because it look much more appealing in person than on social media. The palette is absolutely gorgeous.

We all love the fact that Huda actually listens to her fans because for this palette she included a mirror inside with the overall packaging being much more sturdy than Rose Gold Palette.

Price: US$ 68.00 (I paid around TRY 340.00)

Consistency, formula, pigmentation: 18 shadows, 4 different finishes. The mattes feel dry to touch but apply & blend smoothly with brushes. Only Amethyst & Saffron are on the very dry and slightly patchy side. Other mattes perform well. The most buttery application come from Turkish Delight, Blood Moon and Royal. The 3 duochromes are beautiful too. The toppers actually work better over another shadow (how it’s supposed to be applied anyway) but they don’t perform well with brushes. The glitter (cosmic) definitely needs a glitter glue (try NYX Glitter Glue) but overall I’m very satisfied with the entire palette

Colour selection: Is the only downside for me because you’ll always end up having to use other palettes for variation. If you use only this palette you’re limited to only purples, reds and a tiny bit of gold. However, the colours are truly stunning!

Worth the hype? I’m on the fence for this. I love this palette a thousand times more than the rose gold palette simply because this is way easier to use (formula-wise) but my only concern is the lack of colour variation. I think anything can get hyped up these days, specially if you have millions of faithful followers around the world. That being said. I believe this is a good palette, so okay… let’s say it’s worth it.

What are your thoughts on this palette?


Neth Mi

3 responses to “Worth the hype? Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette”

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