Old or Gold? Becca Après Ski Glow palette

Hello beauties, how are you all doing?

I’ve not been so consistent here this year and I really apologize for that. I did get a LOT of new products to review but they’ve all got piled because I had so much of personal work this year and I spent more time on Instagram since it’s easy & fast.

After a very long time, I have an Old or Gold for you. This is where I review a product (mostly limited edition) that was released a season (or more) back (usually on discount) so you can decide whether it’s worth investing on it even though it is from an older season.

Two days back I went to Sephora at Marmara Forum (in Turkey, literally 850m away from our home) and it was actually my husband who showed me the discount isle where a few palettes were put on sale for Sephora members.

This palette too was on discount. (After discount TRY 209.00) I swatched a few shades (I own nothing from Becca Cosmetics, surprisingly) And I was immediately impressed because they felt super soft to the touch. I had left all my highlighter palettes in Sri Lanka so I really wanted to get a good, soft highlighter (my favourite is still ABH Bubbly) to wear here. I’m also in the mood for glowing blushes these days since it’s spring time here in Istanbul.

I didn’t buy it that day, because I wanted to do more research before purchasing it. I wanted to look at all the options and go for the best one out there. I was also eyeing the MAC Extra Dimension Blushes the other day, and I asked my friend Karen whether she liked this palette (she has a LOT of makeup and she’s Sri Lankan so I can relate to her review)

So yesterday morning I went to Sephora again and bought it, because Karen told me (and many others) that it’s a palette worth buying.

Packaging: Is gorgeous on this one. It has a reflective silver metal casing with ice blue icicle print. Inside is a large mirror that I now use to apply all my makeup.

Price: TRY 209.00 for Sephora members

This palette has three highlighters, two blushes and one bronzer.

  • Rose Quartz: Pale rose gold highlighter
  • Icicle: Limited to this palette, an icy highlighter with a hint of blue. I tried this on lightly on the high points of my cheeks and it’s wearable even on medium/tan skin when applied carefully.
  • Winter Berry: Another shade limited to this palette, this is a beautiful glowing blush in Berry pink.
  • Blushed Bronze: A coppery blush with shimmer. This is more shimmery than the Winter Berry. I use this as a blush topper for daytime.
  • Opal: A cult favourite, Opal is a gorgeous pale gold highlighter that (I’m sure) works on all skin tones!
  • Bronzed Bondi: A terra-cotta bronzer with a hint of shimmer.

Pigmentation: Is really good in all 6 shades. They perform equally well with brushes and fingertip. A little bit goes a long way for each colour, and they’re not crazy pigmented too (like the Juvia’s Place blushes) which is perfect because that gives you more control when you apply them. They look beautiful and very natural on the skin. All of them blend nicely too.

Is it Old or Gold? It’s definitely gold!

If you’re currently in Turkey, you can check them at Sephora for the discounted price. I got mine from Marmara Forum.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Neth Mi

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