Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation First Impressions


I bought the infamous Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation today! I wasn’t planning to, but it was in stock finally (my shade) and jumped in and bought it. I’m so excited because there are bi-polar reviews on this product, and so many people compare this with Fenty Beauty Pro-Filter Foundation too. ( I don’t have Fenty Foundation, so I can’t do a comparison. I think I have enough foundations in my stash for now!)


My shade is: Tres Leches

Price: Sephora US$ 40.00 and weirdly on Huda’s website US$ 50.00 (I don’t know why there’s a US$10.00 difference!)

I got this for LKR 7750.00 from Cosmic Pop (a popular Instagram page that brings down makeup in Sri Lanka)

Packaging: Comes in a plastic bottle (love that it’s plastic because it’s travel friendly!) AND a pump (yay for that too, because I hate when these high-end foundations don’t have pumps and we have spend extra money to buy a pump!) Inside the box there was a sample of her Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base.

Scent: If you watched my Instagram stories you saw that I didn’t feel the scent at first (I apologize for that, but I was being completely honest hehe) I think it was because I washed my beauty blender with baby soap so that scent overpowered Huda’s scent. Anyway, after about 5 minutes I got the whiff of the scent, and yeah, I agree with everyone that the scent is powerful. It’s floral, but it’s a bit too much. It did fade away in another few minutes though.

Shade: She came with 30 shades ranging from very porcelain to deep dark ebony, which is great for a launch! It’s also a bit overwhelming to pick a shade when there’s so many hehe. I picked Tres Leches (sold out for so long!) and it is a warm medium shade with heavy golden undertone. I compared it with 4 other foundations I use (you will notice some are very light and some are quite dark) I can pull off all these shades though, weirdly. I think my skin tone changes everyday!


But in a glance you can say that Tres Leches suits me the best, right?

Coverage: Huda claims this is full-coverage and I agree. I used a beauty blender (I always use a BB for full coverage products) I applied it as thinly as possible, and my skin looks so flawless, yet skin-like with a demi-matte finish. I also added more under my eyes as a concealer, and boy! It works as a concealer too! And I have VERY dark circles that I MUST colour correct, but I put only a bit extra of this foundation. It covered beautifully. Well done, Huda!

Finish: As I said earlier, it has a demi-matte finish that I love. I can definitely make it dewy with some Fix Plus. I like the fact that it’s neither too matte nor dewy so we can control it. For Sri Lankans and Indians (or anyone who lives in the tropics) I recommend going with a very light application because of the heat and humidity. It doesn’t feel very heavy.

Does it oxidize? No.

Was the shade too yellow? I teeny bit, but then I have golden undertones in my skin so it worked perfect with my usual bronzer, highlighter, etc…

You can see my pic below (un-edited)


Overall thoughts: I love this foundation. Will wear it everyday and update you soon!

See you soon,


Neth Mi

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10 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation First Impressions

  1. So glad you liked it! And you look beautiful! I’ve heard mixed reviews on it, but also that it is a very full-coverage foundation which is why I won’t be trying it. I am more of a tinted moisturizer type of person. I do like Huda and how much dedication she puts in her work.


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