MAC x Patrick Starrr Goalgetter is goals for a MAC palette!

Hey friends!

Let’s talk about Patrick Starrr’s MAC collab today! (Every time I type Starrr I have to count how many “R”s I’m typing! I learned it has to be three!)

Okay, the collab has 3 lipsticks, 3 lipglasses, 3 lips liners, 2 quad-eyeshadow palettes and a setting powder (sold out everywhere)

At a first glance I wanted to hard pass the entire collection, because even though they look super wearable, I felt like it was nothing much to hype about. I still believe so, because it’s a bunch of reds and nudes for lips with another bunch of neutral eyeshadows in fancy packaging. (I’m sorry if I sound too harsh, but let’s face it, right!)

The reason I bought Goalgetter palette is because it has 3 of the shades I’ve always wanted to buy for my eyeshadow collection: Amber lights, Swiss Chocolate & Soft Brown! Patrick also threw in I’m into it to this quad, so I decided to get just this one for my collection.

Usually, MAC eyeshadow palettes are disappointing because there’s at least one dud in every single palette. Their shadows are either a hit or a miss, so I always stay away from their shadows. But this quad is an exception, I’m happy to say!

(All shades are permenant) Only I’m into it is a tiny bit dry as a finger swatch, but works beautifully with a brush. Amber Lights is just stunning! It feels like a ColourPop eyeshadow! They’re all smooth, buttery to the touch and pigmented! Thank you, MAC!

And thank you, Patrick, for putting these shades together!

The palette is a limited edition, but you can get all 4 shades as singles because they’re permenant shades.

Price: US$ 36.00

What did you pick from MAC x Patrick Starrr Collection?

Let me know your thoughts


Neth Mi

2 responses to “MAC x Patrick Starrr Goalgetter is goals for a MAC palette!”

  1. I didn’t pick up anything but wa so tempted! Everything looks lovely and the packaging is really nice. Completely agree that I felt like something was missing. Everything seemed pretty standard, but I think in some way that’s good for first collars as you make sure to cater to pretty much everyone. You don’t want to do a really out-there collection that not a lot of people would use.


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