Colour Pop My Little Pony Collection

Time to review something from my mini Colour Pop haul! This collection is a collaboration of Colour Pop x My Little Pony and honestly, it’s the cutest one Colour Pop has ever done!

When they launched it I wasn’t very sure of buying it because I thought it might look too kiddish (well, I’m almost 29) but then it went sale for Black Friday, and I was like let me give it a try now!

Three weeks later I received it (shipping to Sri Lanka takes about 3-4 weeks) and I can’t get over how cute the whole collection is. I got one of their bundles “Party Like A Pony”, which retails for just US$32.00 (real value is US$41.00) and has the following 5 pieces:

  • My Little Pony- eyeshadow palette
  • Trickles- pressed powder highlighter
  • Sunbeam- super shock eyeshadow
  • Lemondrop- ultra matte lip
  • Ponyland- ultra glossy lip

First of all let’s talk about the eyeshadow palette because you know I’m obsessed with eyeshadows:

My Little Pony eyeshadow palette

Individually retails at US$16.00 (currently on sale for US$ 11.20) and comes with 12 pressed eyeshadows. Here are the swatches:

The palette has a good mix of mattes, shimmers and sparkly shadows. They have really good colour pay-off (in that case, no duds!) but my only tiny complain is that Applejack and Minty look very similar when you swatch side by side, as well as Firefly & Snuzzle. Firefly has slightly chunky sparkles but on the lid they look pretty similar.

The shade Princess Sparkle look stunning when you apply it over a black base, but honestly, I never use an eyeshadow primer for Colour Pop eyeshadows. However, the wear-time over a primer is longer than without. (My lids get greasy over time, so a primer usually helps) If you’re on-the-go, you don’t really need to use a primer because these work so well on its own. I also use my finger to apply the shimmers and sparkles.

My ratings: 9/10 (took one off for the similar-looking shades, but I can’t really complain for the price too!)

Trickles pressed powder highlighter

2017 seemed to be the year of highlighters! I have so many, and luckily I didn’t already have a lavender one like this. Trickles is a very pretty icy-lavender with a pink shift that looks so beautiful on the skin. This would work great on fair to medium skin tones. It isn’t a highlighter you can see from the moon in one swipe, but you can definitely build-it up to that point. I like build-able highlighters because that way I can control the finish easily. This retails individually for US$8.00 (currently on sale for US$6.40) and it is a limited edition highlighter.

My ratings: 10/10

Sunbeam super shock shadow

The star of this collection must be this tiny item for sure because it’s not available anymore for individual purchase. It’s a gorgeous pastel lavender with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter. It has an almost wet feeling to the touch. My shadow came broken, but if this happens to you, the simplest trick is to press it very tightly with a dry tissue. This way, I managed to save this eyeshadow.

My ratings: 10/10

Lemondrop ultra matte lip

Purple is that one colour I feel like I can never pull off! I think it’s because of my olive skin tone. Purple lipstick also make my teeth look yellow, so I’m honestly not a fan of this lipstick. But it’s a fun colour to add to my kit as a makeup artist.

I’m also not a very big fan of Colour Pop ultra matte lip, simple because the formula is very thick and makes my lips feel very dry no matter how hard I hydrate them prior to lipstick application. I can’t complain much because of the super low price point, and very long wear-time. However, if you also feel like purple is not your thing, you should avoid this particular colour.

My ratings: 6/10 

Ponyland ultra glossy lip

This gloss is as cute as its name Ponyland! It has purple, gold, hot pink and ice blue micro-glitter that also makes it a very cool-toned purplish gloss. I tried wearing this both alone on its own and over Lemondrop, but like I said before, I’m frustrated that I can’t pull this colour off without looking sick! I tried it over a very warm red lipstick and that way, I can Ponyland because warmth in the red kind of balanced out the cool-tone in this gloss.

This product is thick and tacky (a bit like MAC lipglass) and it isn’t my favourite formula. Ponyland too is currently sold out for individual purchase.

My ratings: 7/10 (scored one more mark than Lemondrop because I can make it wearable over a different lipstick)

Overall thoughts: Even though the two lipsticks in this bundle didn’t really work out for my personal use, they’re two fun colours for a makeup artist or a collector. They also have two more bundles that have a combo of more wearable lipstick colours so you have that option too.

I love the eyeshadow palette, the highlighter (there’s one more highlighter in this collection available for individual purchase) and the super shock shadow Sunbeam. These bundles are still available on their site, but they’re all limited edition so you will have to hurry up!

Overall ratings for this bundle: 8.5/10 

Today is the last day of 2017. What are your plans for tonight? I might wear My Little Pony collection tonight (may be I’ll try Lemondrop too!)

Let me know your thoughts,


Neth Mi

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4 responses to “Colour Pop My Little Pony Collection”

  1. Lovely review! I am a big fan of that highlighter myself 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes it’s so beautiful


  2. It is rare that I like all the colours in a palette, and I really like all of the swatches of this colour pop one. Ahhhh… Guess I’ll just have to buy it then 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here. There’s at least one colour I usually won’t use but this is so pretty!


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