MAC Snowball Collection favorites

I was soooo lucky to get my hands on at least 3 items (2 of them being the most-sought after!) from the gorgeous MAC Snowball Collection this holiday season! I already showed you the 12-piece mini lipstick set here, and a couple days back I got the other two pieces I managed to buy online seconds before they were sold out!

(I also put a lipstick to my cart but it was sold out by the time I pulled my credit card out! The eyeshadow was also sold out by the time I (fortunately!) purchased it. You can imagine the rush, and I can tell you it was all worth it!

Since all other eyeshadows were sold out I had only the option to by Stylishly Merry. I can’t imagine why this wasn’t sold out, but boy I’m happy I got it!

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow- Stylishly Merry

I’m not a big fan of MAC eyeshadows, but I love their extra dimension ones because they’re very unique and packed with glittery pigments. This one however, is extra-Extra Dimension! At least in my books because it’s unlike any shimmer I’ve seen. It looks wet and goes on sooooooo beautifully. It literally took my breath away when I swatched it.

Stylishly Merry has pink and gold duo-chrome pigments. It’s so bright and beautiful even under dim light/indoors. Honestly, the best purchase this year!

Face Powder- Here Comes Joy

This was actually an impulse buy. I wanted to get Whisper of Guilt, but that wasn’t available at that time, and I wanted something more from this collection. I picked this shade because I don’t have many peach-tone highlighters.

This one is also very unique in terms of the finish. It has a pearly Finish and looks so subtle yet beautiful as if you’re lit from within when you apply it on your skin.

Both items are limited edition shades in the gorgeous Snowball packaging. MAC is getting better every year with their packaging, and they’re improving the product quality too!

In the picture below I’m wearing Diva from the Snowball limited edition lip set, eyeshadow in Stylishly Merry and highlighter in Here Comes Joy

Lastly I would say, if you can get your hands on any of these pieces, do so without second thoughts! They’re absolutely gorgous and wearable too.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Neth Mi

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5 responses to “MAC Snowball Collection favorites”

  1. That face powder is stunning! I got the ‘Happy Go Dazzling’ face powder, but I wish I got the other instead now! x

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    1. It’s so beautiful yes I’m glad I picked this one because I have so many golden highlighters! Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful piece for your collection! Happy Christmas πŸ’•

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      1. Happy Christmas sweetie! X

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      2. Happy Christmas to you too! πŸŽ„πŸ’•

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